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Monsley Kingdom, also known as Monster World, is a location in the tabletop role-play game, Monster World.


Zorc's take-over[edit]

In the story of Monster World, Monsley Kingdom lived in peace and harmony, until one day the sky turned black and an evil shadow fell across the land, when the demon king Zorc woke from his long slumber.[1]

Zorc assassinated the king and turned the castle into a den of evil.[2] Zorc created monsters to do his bidding and lorded over the people with great cruelty. After many years of Zorc's reign, the kingdom came to be know as Monster World.[1]

Millennium Enemy[edit]

This kingdom was used as the setting, when Ryo Bakura played the tabletop role-play game, Monster World. However, the spirit of the Millennium Ring, Dark Bakura would take control of him and trap Bakura's opponents and other people who crossed him in miniatures for the game, including the gym teacher Mr. Karita.

Yugi Mutou, Anzu Mazaki, Katsuya Jonouchi and Hiroto Honda (and Miho Nosaka in the anime) faced Bakura in a game of Monster World. Yugi and his friends played the adventures, while Bakura played the Dark Master, Zorc. Bakura trapped Yugi and his friends in miniatures, while Dark Yugi made their dice rolls.

With the help of Ryo Bakura and some of the monsters, Yugi and his friends defeated Zorc.


While playing the role-play game, the predominant locations in the kingdom were the village, the forest and Zorc's castle.

At the village was a tavern. On the tabletop game, the inside of the tavern was accessed by lifting-up the model of the village. Mr. Karita was forced to play the role of Villager "D" in there.

At the forest, Zorc prepared an ambush for the adventurers.

The castle was the former home of the king, until Zorc took over. The adventurers battled Zorc here.


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