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"The Monster Lord is you!"

In the game of Dungeon Dice Monsters, the Monster Lord (ダンジョンマスター - "Dungeon Master" in Japanese; also known as the Die Master) is the monster that each player uses to represent them in the Dungeon, and is placed in the Dungeon Master Zone. The Monster Lord has an ATK of 10 points, and can be used to attack like any other monster, but it cannot defend and cannot be moved throught the Dungeon.

The Monster Lord is unaffected by the effects of all monsters and items in play, except those that specifically designate it as a target.

Each Monster Lord has 3 HP, and takes 1 point of damage each time it is attacked, regardless of the ATK of the attacking monster. The Duel is won when a player destroys their opponent's Monster Lord; if both players' Monster Lords are destroyed at the same time, the duel is declared a Draw.