More Eternal Memories

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More Eternal Memories
More Eternal Memories
  • More Eternal Memories
RōmajiZoku Eien'naru Omoi
Set information
MediumVideo game
TypeBooster Pack
Number of cards56
Cover cardDestiny Board
Video games

More Eternal Memories

More Eternal Memories, known as Eternal Thoughts Continued in the Japanese version, is a Booster Pack in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force. Players can unlock this pack by having a Duelist Level of 20 or higher.

Each pack costs 100 DP and contains 5 cards.

The "More Eternal Memories" Booster Pack in the Japanese version of Tag Force


This is the second set of continuous effect cards!




This pack has cool continuous effect cards.





# Name Card type Property Attribute Type Level ATK DEF Rarity
5224 Destiny Board Trap Continuous Ultra
5231 Cathedral of Nobles Spell Continuous Ultra
6054 Level Limit - Area B Spell Continuous Ultra
4851 Ultimate Offering Trap Continuous Super
4938 Messenger of Peace Spell Continuous Super
5170 Ground Collapse Spell Continuous Super
5439 Ordeal of a Traveler Trap Continuous Super
5686 Metal Reflect Slime Trap Continuous Super
5855 Spatial Collapse Trap Continuous Super
5935 Skull Zoma Trap Continuous Super
5990 Wall of Revealing Light Trap Continuous Super
4876 Robbin' Goblin Trap Continuous Rare
4951 DNA Surgery Trap Continuous Rare
4957 Light of Intervention Trap Continuous Rare
4993 Mirror Wall Trap Continuous Rare
5106 Mask of Restrict Trap Continuous Rare
5113 Fairy Box Trap Continuous Rare
5234 Embodiment of Apophis Trap Continuous Rare
5391 Second Coin Toss Spell Continuous Rare
5537 Terraforming Spell Normal Rare
5627 Final Attack Orders Trap Continuous Rare
5735 Non-Spellcasting Area Spell Continuous Rare
5944 Dangerous Machine TYPE-6 Spell Continuous Rare
6523 Level Limit - Area A Trap Continuous Rare
6598 Silent Insect Monster EARTH Insect 2 200 300 Rare
4870 Magical Thorn Trap Continuous Common
4893 Gravekeeper's Servant Spell Continuous Common
4932 Gaia Power Spell Field Common
4933 Umiiruka Spell Field Common
4934 Molten Destruction Spell Field Common
4935 Rising Air Current Spell Field Common
4936 Luminous Spark Spell Field Common
4937 Mystic Plasma Zone Spell Field Common
4948 Forced Requisition Trap Continuous Common
4949 Minor Goblin Official Trap Continuous Common
4968 Prohibition Spell Continuous Common
5271 Spirit Message "I" Spell Continuous Common
5272 Spirit Message "N" Spell Continuous Common
5273 Spirit Message "A" Spell Continuous Common
5274 Spirit Message "L" Spell Continuous Common
5311 Fatal Abacus Trap Continuous Common
5329 Array of Revealing Light Spell Field Common
5736 Different Dimension Gate Spell Continuous Common
5854 Tower of Babel Trap Continuous Common
5917 Curse of Darkness Trap Continuous Common
6028 Nubian Guard Monster FIRE Warrior 2 500 500 Common
6110 Malice Doll of Demise Monster DARK Fiend 4 1600 1700 Common
6215 Lighten the Load Spell Continuous Common
6216 Malice Dispersion Spell Quick-Play Common
6218 Xing Zhen Hu Trap Continuous Common
6223 Chain Burst Trap Continuous Common
6225 Spell Purification Trap Normal Common
6642 Canyon Spell Field Common
6681 Elemental Absorber Trap Continuous Common
6707 Dimensional Fissure Spell Continuous Common
6825 Seismic Shockwave Trap Continuous Common