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In Dungeon Dice Monsters, monsters must be moved from their point of summon to your opponent's Monster Lord, which can then be attacked. Movement can be in any direction (except diagonal), but must follow the dungeon paths. A monster may move across your opponent's paths as well, but it cannot move over empty game board spaces.

In order to move a monster, the player must have Progress Crests in his or her Crest Pool. Any number can be spent as long as you have them, and the player can move as many monsters in a turn as he or she wants. However, a monster can only move once in a turn (unless specified by a specific effect); if the monster is stopped by an item, another monster, or a dead end, it cannot move again that turn. Items and Monster Lords cannot be moved once they have been placed on the game board.

While most monster require Progress Crests to move, some have effects that let them spend a certain number of crests in place of Progress Crests. Usually, these effects do not specify the type of crest needed to activate the effect, but it usually costs 3 crests per space.

Also, some monsters have the ability to move more than once in a turn, but usually require an effect cost to activate the ability.