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Mutsuba Heavy Machinery (ムツバじゅう Mutsuba Jūki) is a corporate entity that helped build Goha City, but have since been outcompeted by Goha Enterprises. Asana Mutsuba is the heir to the company. They appear in both Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS and Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!.


The founders of Mutsuba Heavy Machinery and Goha Enterprises were close friends, and they collaborated on the first Duel Disks. Prior to the creation of the electronic Duel Disks used by most Duelists in Goha City, Mutsuba Heavy Machinery developed the Mutsuba-style engine-driven mobile Duel device, but these devices have since gone missing. They also developed the Heavy Cavalry, but these have largely been supplanted by Goha Enterprises Drones, something that drives Asana Mutsuba to dislike them.[1]


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