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Mutsuba Tower is the focal point of Mutsuba Town in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! anime. It is a large radio tower, intended to improved the Rush Dueling systems of Mutsuba Town, and was key in Zuwijo zir Velgear's plans for Yuhi Ohdo's Earthdamar, though it was still under construction by Mutsuba Heavy Machinery at the time.[1]


Mutsuba Tower is in the shape of a hexagonal pyramid, interspaced with circular platforms including one atop the tower. The apex platform appears to be loosely connected, as the weight of the materialized "Voidvelgr Hecatoncheir" was able to tip it, though it did not break completely free. Aerial pylons line the lip of the apex platform, while radio dishes are placed on lower platforms.

The roof is reached through a single known staircase. Mutsuba Tower's power supply is contained in a room modified to allow the three-meter tall Mitsuko Hiramori to enter it, by sliding the entire wall save the door into the ceiling.


Mutsuba Tower was intended to strengthen the communication system used for Rush Dueling. Zuwijo zir Velgear found the under-construction tower ideal for his plans regarding the Earthdamar; the radio waves the tower could produce would strengthen the power of the Earthdamar and spread it across Mutsuba Town, while the tower's prominence and the large size of the "Voidvelgr" monsters Zuwijo planned to materialize with the Earthdamar would make it the ideal location to spread his message to all aliens watching.[1]

After stealing the Earthdamar from Yuhi Ohdo at Kappa Heavenly Cleaning, Zuwijo stored it in the Mutsuba Tower power supply room, from which he also watched Chupataro Kaburagi's Rush Duel with Yudias Velgear, where the power of the Earthdamar materialized Chupataro's "Magical Sheep Girl Meeeg-chan".[2][3] When Yudias, Yuhi, Yuamu Ohdo, Manya Atachi and London Kirishima visited the Black Goat Residence, where Chupataro had been staying, the view of Mutsuba Tower from Chupataro's room made Yudias realize Zuwijo intended to use it for his plan, and they hurried to Mutsuba Tower, finding Zuwijo there with Mitsuko Hiramori.[4]

Zuwijo and Yudias Rush Dueled, Zuwijo using the Earthdamar's power to materialize and stand atop "Voidvelgr Hecatoncheir", whose massive size and weight tipped the loosely secured top platform as it moved. After Yudias destroyed "Hecatoncheir", Zuwijo next used the power on "Voidvelgr Requiem", having Mitsuko spread the Earthdamar's power across Mutsuba Town to allow him to clad himself in "Requiem".[5] The use of Mutsuba Tower's radio waves in combination with the Earthdamar caused many monsters to begin materializing both during and out of Duels. This phenomenon was halted by Asaka Mutsuba, who used her Heavy Cavalry to demolish the side of the Tower and extract the Earthdamar, and the effects completely ceased when Yudias defeated Zuwijo.[1]

Following these events, Manya claimed on Mutsuba Cable TV that the destruction had been planned for a live event to cover up as repairs began on Mutsuba Tower.[6]

Known rooms[edit]


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