Mystic Stall

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Mystic Stall interior
Mystic Stall exterior (left)

The Mystic Stall is a location in Yu-Gi-Oh! 7 Trials to Glory: World Championship Tournament 2005, where the player can purchase cards.

The stall can appear in the Mystic Land every day of the week, except Saturday. For each other day, the player must have defeated a certain Ghoul at least once for it to appear.

The interior of the stall contains a counter where the player can purchase cards from the Ghoul they defeated to unlock it that day of the week. Another Ghoul will also be available for Dueling. A password machine is located on the right-hand side, when facing inwards. On days when the stall does not appear, the password machine is still available where the stall would be located.


The packs Unlimited Selection, Super Unlimited Selection, All Monsters, All Spells, All Traps, All Effect Monsters, All Cards and Forbidden Deck are sold in the stall all days of the week, assuming the player has unlocked them. Other packs are only sold by certain Ghouls.

Day Ghoul Extra packs available
Monday Arkana Arkana's Box
Tuesday R.Hunter Boster Exodia
Wednesday Umbra & Lumis Masquerade
Thursday Strings Strings'wall
Friday Odion Trap Eat Spell
Sunday Marik Ishtar