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The artwork of "Myutant M-05"
The artwork of "Myutant M-05"
  • ミュートリア
  • Myūtoria (romanized)
  • Myutria (translated)
  • Myutant
  • Myutant
  • Myutante
  • Miutante
  • Myutante

"Myutant", known in the OCG as "Myutria" (ミュートリア Myūtoria), is an archetype that debuted in the TCG version of Phantom Rage and in the OCG in World Premiere Pack 2021. The archetype consists mainly of WATER Psychic monsters, although the Level 8 "Myutant" monsters have a wide variety of Types and Attributes.


The "Myutant" monsters are highly-mutagenic aberrant organisms contained within a research laboratory (as shown in "Myutant Evolution Lab"). The organisms appear to be test subjects undergoing experimentation on their ability to rapidly mutate through the assimilation of organic or inorganic components.

The lower-Level Main Deck WATER Psychic "Myutant" monsters represent the initial state of the organisms as test subjects, with their names indicating each of their specimen number. Each subject is characterized by their single distinct eye, which comes in a variety of different colors. They all share a vaguely plant-like appearance, similar to a seed or a flower bud. The Level 1 "Myutant Mutant" is representative of the underdeveloped state of all test subjects, although its artwork specifically depicts a developing "Myutant M-05".

The Level 8 Main Deck "Myutant" monsters represent the first stage of mutation. They are the result of the test subjects escaping from containment and assimilating with various different components. They come in a variety of different Types and Attributes, depending on the subjects of assimilation for each monster. The EARTH Beast "Myutant Beast" is the product of the assimilation of a range of different organic creatures, resulting in a chimeric bestial appearance. The WIND Spellcaster "Myutant Mist" is the product of the assimilation of different kinds of magical crystals, developing the ability to cast magical spells. The FIRE Machine "Myutant Arsenal" is the product of the assimilation of an armed robot, giving it access to technological tools such as laser weaponry.

The experiment appears to progressively go out of control, giving birth to even more gigantic monstrosities: the Level 9 and 10 WATER and DARK Psychic "Myutant" Fusion Monsters, who represent the next and final stage of mutation. They are the result of "Myutant GB-88" assimilating with the other "Myutant" monsters. "Myutant Synthesis" is the product of "GB-88" devouring the other escapees of "Beast", "Mist", and "Arsenal" (as shown in "Myutant Fusion"); whilst "Myutant Ultimus" is the product of "Synthesis" further assimilating with the rest of the test subjects within the research laboratory. In the artwork of "Ultimus", a helycopter can be seen in the bottom-left corner, which implies that the monster has become so big that it destroyed the laboratory itself (as the artwork of "Myutant Cry" may depict).


Each "Myutant" monster is the result of a mutation of a previous stage's test subject, with the evolution line starting with "Myutant Mutant".

Effect theme Progenitor Test subject First stage Second stage Third stage
Monster Mutant M-05 Beast Synthesis Ultimus
Spell ST-46 Mist
Trap Arsenal
GY/Banish GB-88 -

Playing style[edit]

The "Myutant" archetype has a banish and Special Summon focused play-style, with the higher Level Main Deck members having protection against various card types: "Beast", "Arsenal", and "Mist" cannot be targeted by Monster, Spell, and Trap Cards, respectively. They also cannot be Special Summoned through means other than by a "Myutant" card, though this is by no means an issue as the archetype has access to both "Myutant M-05" and "Myutant ST-46", both of which are key cards that upon being Normal or Special Summoned, allow the player to add either a "Myutant" monster or Spell/Trap, respectively. These two can also Tribute themselves and banish a card from the hand or face-up field to Special Summon "Beast", "Arsenal" and "Mist" from the hand or Deck based off the card banished for part of the cost for their effects. "Myutant GB-88" can be Summoned from the hand during the opponent's Main Phase, provided the Field Spell "Myutant Evolution Lab" in the Field Zone, and upon doing so it can Tribute itself and banish a card to Summon a Level 8 "Myutant" that is banished or in the GY. The Extra Deck members are the Fusion Monsters "Myutant Synthesis" and "Myutant Ultimus"; "Synthesis" requires members with two different Attributes to be Fusion Summoned and upon being Fusion Summoned can target and destroy 1 card on the field. It can also make itself immune to any effects of the same type as a card they activate though if it is destroyed, it can add back 1 of your banished "Myutant" cards. "Ultimus", on the other hand, requires 3 Level 8 or higher "Myutant" monsters and is able to put a stop to the opponent's plays by banishing a "Myutant" of the same card type as the one they activate and banishing the activated card, thus preventing them from gaining advantage off of its destruction. If it is destroyed after being Fusion Summoned, it can add back 3 of the banished "Myutant" cards, though only 1 of each type (Monster, Spell, and Trap).

For the Spell/Trap Cards, there is the Field Spell "Myutant Evolution Lab" that can immediately Special Summon a Level 4 or lower "Myutant" monster that is banished or from the hand which can in turn trigger the effects of "M-05" and "ST-46". Not only that, but it increases the ATK of "Myutant" monsters by 100 for each banished "Myutant" card with a different name while also allowing to place a "Myutant" from the hand on the bottom of the Deck and then draw 1 card. "Myutant Blast" is an Equip Spell that can be only be equipped to the higher Level members and allows to immediately banish an opponent's Special Summon monster when the player's ones attacks. "Blast" can also banish itself to send the equipped monster to the GY and Special Summon a different Level 8 "Myutant" from the hand or Deck. "Myutant Fusion" is able to Fusion Summon one of the boss monsters by banishing the materials from the hand or field, but if the opponent has activated a card or effect during the turn, it can even use materials from the Deck and GY instead. "Myutant Cry" is a Normal Trap that also Fusion Summons during the Main Phase, but instead uses monsters from the GY and that are banished by shuffling them into the Deck. This allows easy recycling of used monsters on top of potentially disrupting anything the opponent may attempt.

Important cards to consider are ones such as "Emergency Teleport", as it can kickstart the turns and plays, and "Trade-In" can make easy use of the Level 8 monsters to draw 2 cards. "Leviair the Sea Dragon" is also a good choice as it can trigger the effects of "M-05" and "ST-46" easily, and mixing in "PSY-Framelord Omega" can help with recovering the used Spells/Traps for a card like "Pot of Avarice".

Recommended cards[edit]