Nanaho Nanahoshi

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Nanaho Nanahoshi
Nanaho Nanahoshi
  • Nanaho Nanahoshi
RōmajiNanahoshi Nanaho
  • Female
  • Career
  • Education
OrganizationDueling Insects Club (president)
SchoolGoha 5th Elementary
  • Duelist
Tournament Position
Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal Did not place (with Kabuto Bitou and Kirihito Kamagaya)
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 28: "Training Camp! Sushi Duel"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Ayaka Takamura
Nanahoshi, Nanaho

Nanaho Nanahoshi (ななほしナナホ Nanahoshi Nanaho) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. She is Ranze and Rinnosuke Nanahoshi's cousin, and she is the President of the Dueling Insects Club at Goha 5th Elementary.



Full-body view of Nanaho.

Nanaho is a fair-skinned young girl with green eyes that sometimes shine purple and purple hair in a spherical haircut. She dresses in a pale yellow top over a white undershirt, pale pink overalls, and white shoes. She also wears a hat patterned after a ladybug's shell and carries a small bug catcher at her hip.

Nanaho later wears more stereotypical ninja clothing; a dark grey tunic with folds at the shoulders, a dark red undershirt, a dark red belt with a large yellow star-shaped buckle with what appears to be a character written on it, black pants, dark red arm and shin wrappings, and lavender socks with sandels. She continues to wear her ladybug hat and also dons a dark red eyemask.


Nanaho presents herself as cutesy and innocent, but according to her cousins is devoted to spreading chaos and toying with people's minds. She often feigns crying to fool people. She sometimes speaks in the third person, using her name as a personal pronoun, and often adds "na" or "nanana" at the end of her sentences.

After retrieving data from Yuga's office, Nanaho speaks in a mechanical monotone while the "eyes" of her ladybug hat flash, for reasons unknown, and in this state is more frank about her intentions.


Nanaho appears to be capable of hypnotizing people; she convinces Swirly to take her to Yuga's office while her eyes glow purple, and later somehow puts him into a rabid state.


"Nanahoshi" means "seven stars", and is likely an allusion to the Japanese name of the seven-spotted ladybug.



Nanaho was childhood friends with Yuga Ohdo. One day while they were eating lunch in a forest, Nanaho went missing and cried to Yuga that a ladybug was eating her head. Though it was just a hat, the incident gave Yuga a fear of ladybugs.[1]

Goha 6th Elementary[edit]

Nanaho, Kabuto and Kirihito attended Goha 7th Elementary's Rush Duel Training Camp with Goha 2nd Elementary's Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club and Goha 3rd Elementary's Menzaburo Oomori, Sushiko Maki and Nick Yagi.[2] They left before the end of the camp.[3]

Team Battle Royal[edit]

The Dueling Insects Club entered the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal; Kabuto Dueling Braun Honya from their school's Space Operations Duel Squadron.[4] However they failed to place in the tournament.[5]

Goha Employee[edit]

Nanaho decided to steal Yuga's "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan" Maximum Monsters, so when Goha 5th Elementary went to the Goha Enterprises Main Office on a field trip, the Dueling Insects Club split off from their fellow students and Nanaho waited in a stairwell, pretending to cry. She was found by Swirly, and after he complimented her ladybug hat she hypnotized him into taking her to Yuga's office. When they arrived, Yuga fled at the sight of her hat and her cousins, Ranze and Rinnosuke, arrived and explained Nanaho's side of the family to everyone present. Nanaho moved to steal "Vast Vulcan", but Yuga returned with Kaizo wired into a Road he threatened to destroy the building with, so Nanaho instead inserted a data stick into Yuga's computer. Luke convinced Yuga to Rush Duel Nanaho instead, and Nanaho teased Yuga over his fierce expressions. Nanaho played defensively on her first turn, which served her well when Yuga tried to destroy her Insect monsters with "Magical Firestorm", as her "Forest of the Sun" protected them. On her next turn Nanaho Summoned her three "Malefi Ladybug of the Sleeping Forests" and destroyed all of Yuga's monsters with their effects, though he survived the turn by reducing the ATK of one of her monsters. Yuga fled after the attacks of Nanaho's "Malefi Ladybugs" filled the field with illusory ladybugs, with Luke going after him. After a brief power outage, Yuga returned to the Duel and Maximum Summoned a new Maximum, "Super Magiflag Ship Magnum Over Road", which he explained had been transformed from his "Vast Vulcan" cards by the Pauli effect of Luke's wristwatch. Nanaho tried to survive the turn by changing her monsters to Defense Position, but Yuga used the effect of "Magnum Over Road" to allow it to attack all of her monsters and inflict piercing damage, defeating Nanaho and knocking her hat off, which caused Yuga to realize for the first time that she wasn't being eaten by a real ladybug. Nanaho admitted defeat and declared her retreat, telling Yuga and Swirly they would meet again before vanishing with Kabuto and Kirihito using a smoke bomb. However she had succeeded in retrieving the data from Yuga's office with her data stick, and recovered it that evening, declaring she could create a world full of chaos with it.[1]

To sow chaos among Yuga and his friends, Nanaho took advantage of Goha Enterprises's "Become a zombie" event to infiltrate the building and place Swirly under her influence, driving him to menace Luke, who was hiding from the "zombies" in a bathroom stall.[6] Aware that Yuga's friends believed him to be the sixth of the Goha Siblings, Nanaho disguised herself as Romin Kassidy and went to Yuga's Road Laboratory with Romin's cousin Roa, Gavin Sogetsu, and Mimi Imimi to stop them from finding Yuga, who was with Luke, Swirly and Kaizo trying to find what was wrong with Swirly, while also distracting the real Romin with various purchases throughout Goha City. Nanaho suggested they go to Yuga's house to investigate whether he was the sixth Goha Sibling, but they ran into Asana Mutsuba on the way, who was also wondering whether Yuga was a Goha Sibling. Asana was critical of the idea of going behind Yuga's back, an idea Nanaho stoked, and she challenged them to a Rush Duel that Nanaho suggested Roa accept. Roa quickly gained a small lead, but Asana Fusion Summoned "Buildrim the Infinidream Mythic Sword Dragon" and almost defeated Roa in a One Turn Kill, though Roa survived and Summoned "Royal Demon's Death Doom". After Asana changed "Death Doom" to face-down Defense Position, Roa commented she'd made the right choice, just as she had in dissuading them from going behind Yuga's back, but claimed the right choice wasn't always the best one and Tribute Summoned "Royal Demon's Hard Rock", defeating Asana. Asana left, warning them they wouldn't be able to win Yuga's trust back after breaking it. With Asana gone, Nanaho led Roa, Gavin and Mimi to what she claimed to be Yuga's neighbourhood, where Kabuto, Kirihito and five of her operatives lay in wait in disguise as Yuga, and Nanaho watched as they led Yuga's friends in circles. Her operatives accused Gavin, Roa and Mimi of spying on them, but before they could challenge them to Rush Duels, Asana arrived with the real Romin, blowing Nanaho's cover. Nanaho leapt out of her disguise and noted how easy it had been to manipulate them, claiming their friendship with Yuga was just a farce. She told them that Yuga and Luke were helping Swirly and ordered her operatives to withdraw, claiming their plans would only become more interesting.[7]


Nanaho plays an Insect Deck, with monsters themed around ladybugs, the number 7 and Disney Princess villains. Her strategy focuses on swarming the field with monsters to inflict effect damage, while also switch said monsters to Defense Position to stall by utilising either high DEF values or the protection provided by "Forest of the Sun".


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Yuga Ohdo 70 Lose
Yuga Goha 77 Not shown (flashback)


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