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The Nazca Lines.

The Nazca Lines are a series of geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru. In the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime, they were formed after the Earthbound Immortals got sealed in the Earth.

The seven lines associated with the Earthbound Immortals also appear on the arms of the Dark Signers as dark marks, with the exception of Rex Goodwin, who had the condor mark on his back.


The people of the Incan civilization of the Stairway to the Dragon Star were threatened by wicked disturbances in the earth. In response, the Star Dragon King prayed to the Dragon Star for help. The Dragon Star answered their prayers by sending the Crimson Dragon, who, along with five dragons, battled the evil incarnate Earthbound Immortals.

The Dragons were able to seal the evil beings in the earth, but in the process, "Uru", the spider god managed to capture one of the Crimson Dragon's servants, Ancient Fairy Dragon. After the battle, the evil gods were finally sealed within the earth, forming the Nazca Lines, with each line taking the shape of the Earthbound Immortal sealed within.

The Spider lines disappearing.

Five thousand years later, as the Dark Signers continued their battle with the Signers, the lines began disappearing as the corresponding Earthbound Immortals were summoned. Any time a Dark Signer engages in a Shadow Duel, the corresponding geoglyph materializes around the field.

Whenever the geoglyphs appear, tragedy is sure to follow. For example, when a Dark Signer summons an Earthbound Immortal, casualties have occured not only within Satellite, but within New Domino City as well. This is because the Nazca Gods' summoning requires human sacrifices and those who have been sacrificed have ended up inside the geoglyphs. Because of this, hundreds of residents have disappeared from the city.

After the battle against the Dark Signers ended in their defeat, the Immortals were re-sealed here and with this, the lines themselves once more reappeared.

When Jack fought the Familiar of Red Nova, the Red Nova geoglyph appeared. It then disappeared after the Duel.

The real Nazca Lines[edit]

See: Wikipedia:Nazca Lines.

In the real world, the Nazca Lines were created between 200 BC and 700 AD, by the Nazca people in Peru. They were made by manual labor and hundreds exist. Unlike in the anime, where the Nazca Lines are located in the highlands, the real ones are located in a desert near the coastline.

Individual lines[edit]

Geoglyph Earthbound Immortal Information Anime image Real life image
Spider Uru Uru, is associated with Roman, the leader of the Dark Signers. Using spiders, Roman is able to brainwash people. A vision of the Spider tearing up Satellite in the future was seen during the Fortune Cup title Duel. 5Dx026 Spider.jpg Nasca Spider 2007 08.jpg
Giant Ccapac Apu Ccapac Apu is associated with Kalin. Yusei and Crow saw a glowing Ccapac Apu, when they entered the B.A.D. Using his Duel Runner, Kalin drew out the shape of the Giant to use the track for a Shadow Turbo Duel against Yusei. He Summoned "Ccapac Apu" during that Duel. In Quechua (Inca Language) APU means "mighty or powerful". Giant Duel circuit.jpg Nasca Astronaut 2007 08.jpg
Hummingbird Aslla piscu Carly Carmine dies after falling from an Arcadia Movement building. Afterward, she turns into the Dark Signer of the Hummingbird, Aslla piscu. 5Dx038 Hummingbird.jpg Lignes de Nazca Décembre 2006 - Colibri 2.jpg
Lizard Ccarayhua Ccarayhua is associated with Misty Tredwell.
The Peruvian government allowed a highway to be built over the Lizard lines.
5Dx061 Lizard.jpg Nazca lizard.jpg
Monkey Cusillu The Monkey is associated with Devack. 5Dx047 Monkey glyph.jpg Nazca monkey.jpg
Killer Whale Chacu Challhua Chacu Challhua is the Earthbound Immortal associated with Greiger after his transformation into a Dark Signer. "Chacu Challhua" is Quechua for anchoveta, a type of fish. 5Dx051 Whale.jpg Fish NazcaLine.jpg
Condor Wiraqocha Rasca The Condor lines were shown in Luna's dream, where the Signer Dragons fought the Earthbound Immortals. This remaining and powerful Immortal is associated with Rex Goodwin. Condor Nazca Line.jpg Nasca Condor 2007 08.jpg
Serpent Red Nova Earthbound Immortal Red Nova is said to be associated to these lines. It is the most powerful of all the Earthbound Immortals and was defeated by the Crimson Dragon 10,000 years ago. Its actual card is never witnessed but it is associated with Signer Jack Atlas as "Red Nova Dragon", the last evolution of his Signer Dragon, "Red Dragon Archfiend". Initially, this line was the only one exclusive to the anime; it has since been confirmed to have a real-world counterpart.[1] 5Dx113 Serpent glyph.jpg SerpentNazcaLine.jpg


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