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The Neuron Link.

The Neuron Link was an Ignis algorithm that Bohman created during his final Duel with Playmaker in order to use his Skill "Master Storm Access". Bohman created the Neuron Link after becoming one with Mirror LINK VRAINS and absorbing five of the Ignis into his core.[1]


The Neuron Link greatly resembles the orb from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. At the start of the Duel, and every time Bohman activates his Skill, rings expand throughout LINK VRAINS, and lightning tentacles pierce any Avatar's head inside LINK VRAINS, absorbs their consciousness, and converts them into a Data Storm. It also prevents Avatars from logging out.[1] The Neuron Link is initially green, but becomes black after being damaged. When the Neuron Link is disabled, unaffected Avatars in LINK VRAINS can logout. Because it is composed of an Ignis algorithm and thus has a very complex source code, it takes time to destroy it, but Bohman demonstrates that he can easily repair it at any time, either using the data of the people he captured or that of LINK VRAINS itself.[2] However, this seems to only last for the duration that he uses his Skill and Bohman seemingly loses the ability to hear the voices of the people he has absorbed.[3]


Bohman created the Neuron Link as he began his Duel with Playmaker, immediately absorbing the consciousness data of several people in Central Station. He did not initially reveal its purpose to Playmaker and Ai until he used his "Master Storm Access" Skill to create the Link-5 "Chimera Hydradrive Dragrid".[1] The Neuron Link also gave Bohman access to the thoughts of its victims, allowing him to use them to predict Playmaker's moves.[4] The Commanders of the Knights of Hanoi eventually came up with a plan to destroy the Neuron Link, as they noted that Bohman likely used a significant amount of power whenever he used it that might present a vulnerability for them to exploit. They enlisted the help of Akira Zaizen and Ghost Gal to attack the Neuron Link from within LINK VRAINS while the Knights attacked it from outside. Ghost Gal deployed a virus bomb to attack the Neuron Link, but she and Zaizen were both captured by the Neuron Link; Zaizen's fallen body fortunately managed to hit the key that deployed the virus, apparently stopping the Neuron Link and causing "Master Storm Access" to fail, allowing Playmaker to even the LP scores. Bohman began to rebuild the Neuron Link, but Ai sacrificed himself to stop it for good. However, Bohman was still able to briefly reactivate the Neuron Link using Mirror LINK VRAINS itself as data and obtain "Perfectron Hydradrive Dragon", a process that he acknowledged would eventually destroy Mirror LINK VRAINS if he continually did so.[2] The Neuron Link remained inactive for the rest of the Duel; Bohman did not attempt to use "Master Storm Access" during Playmaker's final turn, but wondered if his inability to hear the voices of the people guiding Playmaker was due to the Neuron Link's destruction. After Bohman was defeated and Mirror LINK VRAINS was erased with him, the Neuron Link was erased as well.[3]


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