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Children using Neurons gear to link to the VR system

Neurons (ニューロンズ Nyūronzu) is a virtual reality Duel Monsters system, developed by KaibaCorp, in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. It links users to a multiplayer network and creates images based on the users' brainwave activity.


The Neurons virtual reality

Neurons gear consists of an egg-shaped headpiece. Its electromagnetic coils monitor the user's brainwave activity and converts it to electromagnetic signals. The image from the user's imagination is then linked to a virtual reality network, where it gets converted to Solid Vision. Neurons systems around the world are linked together, enabling distant multiplayer participation.[1]

Duelists can create Decks from card data sent across a cloud server and can group together to form guilds. When Dueling, the ATK of monsters is determined by the users' brainwaves and that the power of their consciousness, which is referred to as "Pulse".[1]


KaibaCorp went through numerous test systems, with only a few of which were deemed safe enough.[1]

To collect data for the test versions, the company accepted applications for testers, with over a million volunteering. Two hundred thousand Duelists of mixed background, under the age of fifteen were gathered for a test session at KaibaCorp's Duel Disk research and development department. While observing the test session, Seto Kaiba noted a player called Prana, as a potential danger to the system.[1]


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