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New Year's Resolution Format is a Deck format used in the Pegasus League from March 1 to April 30, 2010.[1] It uses a shortened version of the Advanced Format list to accommodate the restricted list of usable cards. It is the only Pegasus League format that was not turned into a Pegasus Challenge.

In this format, players can only use cards released in one of several specific sets. It is the cards themselves that are restricted, not the specific prints; as such, if a card included in the permitted sets was also printed in a non-permitted set, the print from the non-permitted set may be used instead.

Permitted cards[edit]

Cards used must have been printed in at least one of the following sets:

A full list of the cards permitted on January 1, 2009 was made available on the official website.[2]

Forbidden and Limited list[edit]

The New Year's Resolution Format uses its own (short) Forbidden and Limited lists, due to having a different permitted cards.


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