Numbers' Rule

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Numbers' Rule

Until the end of your opponent's next turn, 1 "Number" monster you control cannot be destroyed by battle except by another "Number" monster. This Skill can only be used once per Duel.


YumaandAstral-DULI-Portrait.png Yuma and Astral
Legendary Duelist/PvP Duel Reward September 29, 2020 onward
Obtainable randomly by using this character in a Duel
ReginaldSharkKastle-DULI-Portrait.png Reginald "Shark" Kastle
Level-Up Reward October 30, 2020 onward
Level 13
KiteTenjo-DULI-Portrait.png Kite Tenjo
Level-Up Reward January 27, 2021 onward
Level 13
Quattro-DULI-Portrait.png Quattro
Level-Up Reward July 1, 2021 onward
Level 13
Trey-DULI-Portrait.png Trey
Level-Up Reward September 1, 2021 onward
Level 13

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