Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon (Duel Arena)

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Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
Corresponding cardOdd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
English name
  • Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
  • Male
Duel ArenaSpiral Strike Burst
Video game debutYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Arena
Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon (Duel Arena)

Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon is a character version of the card "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon".

He appears as a Super Partner available in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Arena, with a default of 5 Rental Points. His partner ID is P130.

He was only obtainable by having 5 or more of the following Pendulum Monsters in one's trunk (including multiple copies of 1 or more cards) before maintenance occurred on January 7, 2015: "Stargazer Magician", "Timegazer Magician", "Flash Knight", "Foucault's Cannon", "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon", "Performapal Kaleidoscorp", "Performapal Turn Toad", and/or "Dragon Horn Hunter". The reason for this limited section of cards was because The New Challengers and newer packs had not yet been released in-game.

Applicable players received him in their Gift Boxes on January 9, 2015.


A rare dragon with two different-colored eyes, who has awoken from his long slumber.

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A deck featuring Pendulum Summon using two Magicians and Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. You cannot only Pendulum Summon Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon from your Extra Deck, but also Special Summon it from your Deck with Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation.


Post-January 21, 2015 Maintenance[edit]

Pre-January 21, 2015 Maintenance[edit]


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