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For the similarly named card, see: Odin, Father of the Aesir.
English name
  • Odin
Japanese name
Video game debutYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duel Transer
Appears in
WiiYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duel Transer
Japanese voiceYuriko Yamamoto

Odin, named after Odin from Norse mythology, is the true antagonist in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duel Transer.


The player first meets Odin in Yggdrasil 4F, and must defeat him in order to proceed with the game.

After Surtr is defeated in Yggdrasil 5F, Odin reveals himself to be the mastermind behind Surtr's actions and sends everyone to Bifrost, deep beneath Yggdrasil. Once there, he unleashes the Bifrost war song and challenges everyone to reach him. Worn down by the vast amount of Transcenders at Odin's disposal, most characters end up possessed by the war song and have to be defeated as well.

Only the player, Yusei and Jack reach Hlidskjalf. Here, Odin holds every duelist defeated in Bifrost hostage, revealing his plan to create the ultimate Transcender out of the most powerful duelist's soul and his own ancient magic to bind it to his will, and then use modern science to mass-produce it into an army. The player must defeat Yusei and Jack to unlock the way to Odin.

After the player beats Odin, Surtr reappears and attacks Odin, but only succeeds at damaging his armor before Odin counterattacks and destroys Surtr.

Odin in Alina's body.

Now unmasked, Odin must be defeated a second time in order to finish the storyline.

After his final defeat, Odin attempts to take everyone on the island with him, but Mina and Trudge manage to provide an escape route to exit the building and a boat for everyone to abandon the island on, leaving Odin alone to be killed by the very building he caused to collapse.


Eons ago, there was a tribe who granted the title of "Odin" to their member with the most talent at magic, who would act as their absolute monarch.

One particular Odin witnessed the clash between the Crimson Dragon and the Earthbound Immortals, and was spurred forward by the idea of obtaining absolute power. He wanted to extend his reign from the Ragnarok Island to the entire world, and endlessly developed Transcenders, wanting them to be evolved further to the point they could not be told apart from a human being. Appalled by their ruler, Odin's subjects rebelled and eventually stopped him, leading him to have his soul and his creations sealed away.

Much later, a team of scientists arrived on the island and began exploring Yggdrasil, with over half the team falling sick and dying of unknown causes. At the top they discovered Surtr and unlocked his casket, releasing one of the bindings on Odin's soul. Odin used that to direct the daughter of the scientist leading the exploration, Alina (アリナ, Arina), into fully unlocking the seal. But before Odin can possess her body, her father covers her from Odin and ends up housing him instead.

The scientist has his body and soul heavily degraded by the brunt of having Odin inside his body, who repeatedly tries to restart his plans of ruling the world. Ultimately, after several years, the scientist decides to commit suicide and take Odin down with him, but this fails to work, and Odin possesses Alina's body in his place.


Odin's Decks feature a number of cards named after elements in norse mythology, such as Valhalla and Gungnir, Odin's spear.

  • Odin uses this Deck in Yggdrasil 4F.
  • Odin uses the following Deck for the first duel in Hlidskjalf.
  • For the final duel in the main story, Odin uses this Deck.