Ofuruno Jersey

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Ofuruno Jersey
Ofuruno Jersey
  • Ofuruno Jersey
RōmajiOfuruno Jāji
  • Male
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! episode 01515: "The Devil Wears Jersey"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!
Voice actors
JapaneseKyohei Natsume[1]
Jersey, Ofuruno

Ofuruno Jersey (オフルノ・ジャージ Ofuruno Jāji) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! anime. He is an alien from the Jersey Devil Planet, currently residing in the Alien Residential Area of Mutsuba Town alongside his brothers George and Jouge.



Full-body view of Ofuruno with his brothers, George and Jouge: Ofuruno is on the right.

Ofuruno is a small, grey furred demonic-looking alien with a horse-like head, brown wings, small and clawed arms, hoofed feet, and a forked tail, inspired by the Jersey Devil. Unlike his brothers, he does not have horns. He wears an olive green zipped-up jersey and pants made from the same material; both are patched with red and blue.


Ofuruno boasts that he is the muscle of the group despite being the smallest. He is generally the most timid and picked on of the three brothers.


Ofuruno has the ability to fly using his wings.


Ofuruno, George and Jouge saw Yudias Velgear, Yuhi Ohdo and Yuamu Ohdo, recognizing them from the Rush Duels against Manya Atachi and deciding to teach them a lesson for being involved with Manya. They confronted the group and introduced themselves, but Ofuruno and Jouge were struck by Yudias recognizing their homeworld, the Jersey Devil Planet. Ofuruno was impressed to learn Yudias was from the Velgear Star Cluster, though this revelation only made George dislike him further and challenge him to a Rush Duel, prompting Ofuruno to boast of his brother's strength. During George and Yudias' Rush Duel, Ofuruno and Jouge initially mocked him for his inability to understand costs, but they admitted George had missed the chance to win when he misplayed until George yelled at them. To Ofuruno's shock, Yudias used card effects to set up the requirements for his own costs, and he defeated George. After the Duel, the twins shared their bento with the brothers, which reminded the brothers of Big Mommy Jersey's cooking. The twins explained they were looking for a human girl, Yuna Goha, and asked if the brothers had seen her: Ofuruno hadn't, but Jouge suggested that if she wasn't lost in the streets she might be on the dark side of town, which Ofuruno explained to the trio. Jouge suggested they look for the Informant for more information on it, though Ofuruno also didn't know much about them.[2]

After the Duel with Yudias, the Jersey Devil brothers were inspired to go to the Coruffium to raise their ranks. However the competition proved too brutal for them and they were stripped of their jerseys, while George was badly injured. Ofuruno and Jouge were rushing George to get medical aid when they ran into Yudias, Yuhi and Yuamu in the hallway and Ofuruno explained what had happened, and Ofuruno and Jouge took George away once George had regained enough strength to tell Yuhi where the Coruffium facilities were.[3]

Afterwards, the brothers were able to reclaim their jerseys. To their surprise, the Ohdo twins came to them with a fragment of the Informant, Navel Number 81, explaining they were unable to move due to losing all their Duel Power to Yuna Goha and requesting some of theirs, though the brothers initially believed the twins wanted their jerseys. The twins explained that Yudias had gone missing and they believed he had gone to Badloon Castle, a cost Ofuruno believed to be too high to pay, but George gave the twins some of his Duel Power to allow them to move, telling them they would have to try on a jersey to see if it fit and agreeing to help them. When they arrived, George ordered Ofuruno to pass the Total Muscle Gate, resulting in the statues that made up the gate assaulting Ofuruno due to his lack of a Macho Rank. The group instead infiltrated Badloon Castle through the vent Number 81 had escaped through, Ofuruno and Jouge flying Yuhi up to the vent. Once inside they avoided the Rovian Bandits but accidentally alerted Hachiro Miro. George used his jersey to distract Hachiro, and Ofuruno and Jouge joined him, buying time for Yuhi, Yuamu and Navel Number 81 to get away.[4]


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