Onslaught of the Fire Kings Structure Deck

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Onslaught of the Fire Kings Structure Deck
Onslaught of the Fire Kings Structure Deck
  • Onslaught of the Fire Kings Structure Deck
FrenchAssaut des Rois du Feu Deck de Structure
GermanOnslaught of the Fire Kings Structure Deck
ItalianAssalto dei Re del Fuoco Structure Deck
PortugueseInvestida dos Reis de Fogo Deck Estrutural
SpanishEmbestida de los Reyes de Fuego Baraja de Estructura
Set information
TypeStructure Deck
  • SDOK-EN (en)
  • SDOK-FR (fr)
  • SDOK-DE (de)
  • SDOK-IT (it)
  • SDOK-PT (pt)
  • SDOK-SP (sp)
Number of cards40
Cover cardFire King High Avatar Garunix
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
English (na)
  • February 8, 2013
English (eu)
  • February 8, 2013
English (oc)
  • February 8, 2013
  • February 8, 2013
  • February 7, 2013
  • February 8, 2013
  • February 8, 2013
  • February 8, 2013
Spanish (lat-am)
  • February 8, 2013

Onslaught of the Fire Kings

Onslaught of the Fire Kings Structure Deck is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the twenty-fourth Deck in the TCG's Structure Deck series, following Realm of the Sea Emperor Structure Deck. This deck is the TCG equivalent of Structure Deck: Onslaught of the Fire Kings in the OCG.


This deck features cards with the FIRE Attribute, and introduces the "Fire King" archetype to the TCG. Unlike the previous FIRE-themed Structure Deck: Blaze of Destruction, this Deck features more monster Types other than Pyro, including Winged Beast, Beast-Warrior, and Warrior.

The "Let's Power Up This Deck! (With Booster Packs)" supplement suggests combining this Deck with "Photon Strike Bounzer" from 2012 Collectors Tins, "Galaxy Queen's Light" and "Rebound" from Return of the Duelist, "Gagaga Cowboy" and "That Wacky Alchemy!" from Abyss Rising, and "Bonfire Colossus" and "Kickfire" from Cosmo Blazer.


Each Onslaught of the Fire Kings Structure Deck contains:



Onslaught of the Fire Kings Structure Deck
Unlimited Edition galleries

Card numberNameRarityCategoryQuantity
SDOK-EN001"Fire King High Avatar Garunix"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
SDOK-EN002"Fire King Avatar Barong"CommonEffect Monster1
SDOK-EN003"Fire King Avatar Kirin"CommonEffect Monster1
SDOK-EN004"Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys"CommonEffect Monster1
SDOK-EN005"Manticore of Darkness"CommonEffect Monster1
SDOK-EN006"Goka, the Pyre of Malice"CommonEffect Monster1
SDOK-EN007"Hazy Flame Hyppogrif"CommonEffect Monster1
SDOK-EN008"Laval Lancelord"CommonEffect Monster1
SDOK-EN009"Flamvell Firedog"CommonEffect Monster1
SDOK-EN010"Flamvell Poun"CommonEffect Monster1
SDOK-EN011"Neo Flamvell Sabre"CommonEffect Monster1
SDOK-EN012"Royal Firestorm Guards"CommonEffect Monster1
SDOK-EN013"Volcanic Rocket"CommonEffect Monster1
SDOK-EN014"Volcanic Counter"CommonEffect Monster1
SDOK-EN015"Molten Zombie"CommonEffect Monster1
SDOK-EN016"Spirit of Flames"CommonEffect Monster1
SDOK-EN017"Raging Flame Sprite"CommonEffect Monster1
SDOK-EN018"Fox Fire"CommonEffect Monster1
SDOK-EN019"Flame Tiger"CommonEffect Monster1
SDOK-EN020"Little Chimera"CommonEffect Monster1
SDOK-EN021"UFO Turtle"CommonEffect Monster2
SDOK-EN022"Onslaught of the Fire Kings"Super RareNormal Spell1
SDOK-EN023"Circle of the Fire Kings"Super RareQuick-Play Spell1
SDOK-EN024"Rekindling"CommonNormal Spell1
SDOK-EN025"Blaze Accelerator"CommonContinuous Spell1
SDOK-EN026"Wild Nature's Release"CommonNormal Spell1
SDOK-EN027"Pot of Duality"CommonNormal Spell1
SDOK-EN028"Hand Destruction"CommonQuick-Play Spell1
SDOK-EN029"Creature Swap"CommonNormal Spell1
SDOK-EN030"Burden of the Mighty"CommonContinuous Spell1
SDOK-EN031"Backfire"CommonContinuous Trap1
SDOK-EN032"Flamvell Counter"CommonCounter Trap1
SDOK-EN033"Phoenix Wing Wind Blast"CommonNormal Trap1
SDOK-EN034"Horn of the Phantom Beast"CommonNormal Trap1
SDOK-EN035"Blast with Chain"CommonNormal Trap1
SDOK-EN036"Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai"CommonNormal Trap1
SDOK-EN037"Regretful Rebirth"CommonNormal Trap1
SDOK-EN038"Nightmare Wheel"CommonContinuous Trap1
SDOK-EN039"Call of the Haunted"CommonContinuous Trap1

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