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  • オルフェゴール
  • Orufegōru (romanized)
  • Orphegel (translated)

  • Orcust

  • Orcust

  • Orcusestra

  • 오르페골

  • Orcust

  • Orcust


"Orcust" (オルフェゴール Orufegōru, "Orphegel" in Japan) is an archetype of DARK Machine monsters that debuted in Soul Fusion. They are related to the "World Legacy" archetype.



The Two Knights' Differences Collide

The "Crusadia" fellowship arrived at the place where the final battle would likely be fought. However, what awaited them was the "Orcust Army". The true identity of "Longirsu" is that of "Ningirsu" who severed the bonds of friendship with his former friends and disappeared with his own goals in mind. "Orcust" is an army of machines he created to achieve his ultimate goal. The "Orcust" continue to ceaselessly appear from "Babel" and prevent the "Crusadia" fellowship from getting any further. These two former friends now wage a fierce battle against one another.[1]


"Orphegel" comes from Orpheus, Belphegor and Orgel (the Dutch/German/Japanese for music boxes). The name links to the "World Legacy" story, where "Ningirsu" is paralleling Orpheus in his quest to revive a loved one. The demonic mechanical theme comes from Belphegor, who was said to lure people to sloth through the gift of knowledge to allow them to create great inventions. While Orgel simply relates to many of the monsters featuring a music box within their design.[2]

The Main Deck monsters are named after musical elements and have aspects of musical instruments as part of their bodies.

Card Japanese name Origin
Orcust Brass Bombard Orphegel Canon Brass & Bombard

Canon & Cannon

Orcust Harp Horror Orphegel Diver Harp & Horror

Divertimento & Devil

Orcust Cymbal Skeleton Orphegel Scherzon Cymbal & Skeleton

Scherzo & Skeleton

Galatea, the Orcust Automaton Orphegel Galatea Galatea & Automaton
Longirsu, the Orcust Orchestrator Orphegel Longirsu Longinus + Ninĝirsu & Orchestra + Conductor
Orcustrion Orphegel Orchestrion Orchestrion
Orcustrated Babel Orphegel Babel Tower of Babel
Orcustrated Einsatz Orphegel Einsatz Cue
Orcustrated Return Orphegel Prime Belphegor's Prime
Orcustrated Attack Orphegel Attack Attack time
Orcustrated Core Orphegel Core Kore (Persephone)
Orcustrated Release Orphegel Release Tension

Playing style[edit]

The Main Deck monsters all have effects to banish themselves from the Graveyard to Special Summon other "Orcust" monsters from various locations, but prevent the player from Special Summoning monsters except DARK monsters for the rest of the turn. The Link Monsters all have diagonally opposing Link Markers, any additional Link Markers are on the Top or Bottom. The Link Monsters each have an immunity effect when linked, and a second effect that must be activated by returning banished Machine monsters to the Deck.

The main goal of the Deck is to banish the Main Deck "Orcust" monsters in order to activate their effects and provide Link Materials for the "Orcust" Link monsters in the process, as well as fuel for their effects. With this, the player can recycle those banished monsters to activate the effects of the Link monsters. Despite having Spell Speed 1 effects, those Link monsters' effects become Spell Speed 2 if "Orcustrated Babel" is active, adding a layer of disruption to the strategy. The blanket protection that prevents "Longirsu, the Orcust Orchestrator" and "Orcustrion" from being destroyed by card effects while linked makes it possible to safely combine them with cards like "Limiter Removal". Also, if backed by "Babel" and "Topologic Bomber Dragon", the Graveyard effects of the Main Deck "Orcust" monsters can be used during the opponent's turn and destroy the monsters in their Main Monster Zones.

Recommended cards