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The Original Dimension's City.

The Original Dimension, dubbed by Leo Akaba as "the world that no longer exists"[1], also known as the United World (ひとつのかい, Hitotsu no Sekai), is a dimension that became split into Four Dimensions.

A colorful and futuristic city, it has hovering vehicles and virtual birds while sharing many general similarities to the Fusion, Synchro, Xyz and Standard Dimension's architectural structures. It is also the birth place of the ARC System technology.[1]

At some point, much of it was destroyed by Supreme King Z-ARC. At a later point, Ray Akaba opposed Supreme Dragon Z-ARC by using the Four Nature Cards to defeat him which caused them and the Dimension to split into four.[2]

Known residents[edit]

Different views[edit]


  • Though the exact time that the world ceased to exist wasn't stated in the story, it can be presumed that it is at least 14 years before the series based on the age of the Dimensional counterparts.


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