Pack 40 (YGOO-BP)

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  • A new threat emerges, and powerful heroes answer the call- can you stand up to the Enemy of Justice? This booster features all your favorite character's cards from Season 2 of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Save the day with Jaden's new Elemental Hero Fusion Monsters, run rings around your opponent with Alexis' Cyber monsters or team up with Aster Phoenix's dastardly Destiny Heroes.
  • Pack 40 contains many Fairy type Monster Cards. Some even have effects that can be activated against Counter Trap Cards. Outwit your opponent by making full use of these strategic advantages! Take care though, the effects will be useless in situations where Trap Cards have been nullified.
  • With this Pack comes the first introduction of "D-HERO" monsters to the game. Take note of their effects and accommodate them into your strategy.
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