Paper Crash!

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Paper Crash!
Paper Crash!
EnglishPaper Crash!


Pēpā Kurasshu!

Game details
GameShadow Game
Winner(s)Dark Yugi
LocationDomino High School
Chapters5: "The False Prophet"

Paper Crash![1] was a Shadow Game in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga played by Dark Yugi and Kokurano, in which they to pull sheets of paper out from under a bottle, while trying not to let the bottle fall.

A different version of this game is played in the Toei anime.



Kokurano claimed to be able to see the future. However, he would write as many predictions as possible down, hence increasing the probability of a small amount being correct and would only reveal the ones that came true afterwards and claim to have known they were going to happen all along. He also made his spoken predictions come true.

He predicted that a wonderful man would reveal himself to Anzu and she would swoon before him in love. For Yugi's skepticism, he predicted that countless letters would fall and bring disaster on Yugi. He later pushed a bookcase on Yugi on the library to make this come true. However Yugi switched to Dark Yugi, who realized what Kokurano was doing, and searched for Anzu.

To make his prediction about Anzu come true, Kokurano used chloroform to make her swoon. Dark Yugi then confronted Kokurano and challenged him to the Shadow Game.


The bottle of chloroform was placed on a number of sheets of paper on the center of a table. Players took turns pulling sheets out from under it.

Dark Yugi went first and safely pulled a sheet out. Kokurano did the same. Dark Yugi pulled out another sheet, causing the bottle to stop with a portion of it hanging over the edge of the table. Kokurano was unable to pull out a sheet without making the bottle fall, so Dark Yugi suggested that if he really is a psychic, he should use his powers to make the bottle levitate. Kokurano attempted this and imagined he saw the bottle floating, but when he pulled the sheet it fell from the table and smashed, causing the chloroform to knock him out.


As Kokurano lay unconscious, his notes on the false predictions were exposed for long enough for people to see him and realize that he was a fraud.