Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis (Duel Arena)

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Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis
Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis
Corresponding cardPhoenixian Cluster Amaryllis
English name
  • Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis
  • Unknown
Duel ArenaDestroy That Technique!
Video game debutYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Arena
Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis (Duel Arena)

Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis is a character version of the card "Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis".

It appears as a Rare Partner available in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Arena, with a default of 4 Rental Points. Its partner ID is P046. It also appears as an opponent at Stage 6-5 under Quest mode.


An equinoctial flower that repeats destruction and rebirth like a phoenix.

Opponent Quote[edit]

Drain, ugh, Drain. Drain is such a pain! Well, it doesn't bother me much. But it can be a real pain!


A Plant-Type Deck built around the Continuous Trap Card "Skill Drain". The principle point of "Skill Drain" is that it negates the effects of monsters on the field. The effect of cards like "Lonefire Blossom" can be used if you Tribute them yourself!


Post-January 7, 2015 Maintenance[edit]

Pre-January 7, 2015 Maintenance[edit]



  • In this character's opponent Deck, different "Drain" Trap Cards are used to reference this character's opponent quote.