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The device that generates Photon Hand.

Photon Hand (フォトンハンド Foton Hando) is a method of taking "Number" monsters from their owners. It is technological in origin and provided to Kite Tenjo by Dr. Faker.[1]

It lets the person obtain a "Number" card from a defeated opponent, similar to the way in which Astral does it, but through an abhorrent process: stealing the opponent's soul. When someone uses Photon Hand, an illuminated hand and arm forms, stretching out and entering the fallen foe. The hand takes away the victim's soul, ages them considerably and leaves them catatonic. Then the user can extract the "Numbers" attached to that soul. Kite was told by Mr. Heartland that all "Number" holders are evil, so stealing their souls does not matter. (In the dub, he claims that it just makes them grow old sooner.)[1] Photon Hand does not work against someone with a crest.[2]

Fortuno also possessed this ability, though how or from whom he acquired it is not known.[3]

Kite using Photon Hand.

Kite claimed that he does not know what happens to the souls he takes.[4] Fortuno claimed that the "Numbers" consume their owner's hearts and drain their souls which would explain why Photon Hand must take the victim's soul.[3] However, this ability can be used even if the target has no "Numbers". In that case, it will just take their soul.[5][6] Despite saying that he does not know where the souls go, Kite can return the souls of the ones unconnected to the "Numbers", since those souls have not been corrupted by them and are, therefore, unbreakable.[5][7]

In the manga, it seems Photon Hand can absorb "Numbers" from people without having to battle them. Kaito tried to absorb Shark's "Numbers" without engaging in a Duel, but was stopped by Luna, who used her pendent to deflect Photon Hand.[8]


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