Pink Eye of Wdjat pack

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Pink Eye of Wdjat pack
Pink Eye of Wdjat pack
  • Pink Eye of Wdjat pack
Set information
MediumVideo game
TypeBooster Pack
Video games

Pink Eye of Wdjat pack

The Pink Eye of Wdjat pack is a Booster Pack in Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel. The player can unlock this pack by having at least 500 cards.

It is based on the Trap Selection set from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 6: Expert 2 and contains every Trap Card in the game.


0011Aqua ChorusContinuous
0016Skull DiceNormal
0027Reverse TrapNormal
0043Mask of RestrictContinuous
0049Windstorm of EtaquaNormal
0052The Regulation of TribeContinuous
0068Destiny BoardContinuous
0106Robbin' GoblinContinuous
0107Royal DecreeContinuous
0108Royal CommandContinuous
0109Imperial OrderContinuous
0117Major RiotNormal
0120Trap HoleNormal
0137Destruction PunchNormal
0165Solemn JudgmentCounter
0166Solemn WishesContinuous
0175Armored GlassNormal
0210Forced RequisitionContinuous
0228Metal DetectorNormal
0230Mirror WallContinuous
0233Kunai with ChainEquip
0242Gravity BindContinuous
0248Gryphon WingNormal
0269Torrential TributeNormal
0278Negate AttackCounter
0286Jar of GreedNormal
0304Minor Goblin OfficialContinuous
0327Dust TornadoNormal
0350Just DessertsNormal
0362Crush CardNormal
0381Mask of WeaknessNormal
0394Deal of PhantomNormal
0398Horn of HeavenCounter
0400Castle WallsNormal
0406Skull InvitationContinuous
0407Skull LairContinuous
0418The Eye of TruthContinuous
0454Respect PlayContinuous
0455Light of InterventionContinuous
0457Mirror ForceNormal
0458Mystical RefpanelNormal
0462World SuppressionNormal
0471Type Zero Magic CrusherContinuous
0491Solomon's LawbookNormal
0539Chain DestructionNormal
0543Collected PowerNormal
0544Ultimate OfferingContinuous
0551Dark Spirit of the SilentNormal
0563DNA SurgeryContinuous
0569Jam DefenderContinuous
0597Goblin FanContinuous
0613Seven Tools of the BanditCounter
0617Time SealNormal
0620Snake FangNormal
0637Dragon Capture JarContinuous
0646Tornado WallContinuous
0670House of Adhesive TapeNormal
0690Graverobber's RetributionContinuous
0693Bell of DestructionNormal
0695Call of the GraveNormal
0698Numinous HealerNormal
0700Attack and ReceiveNormal
0701Two-Pronged AttackNormal
0703The Emperor's HolidayContinuous
0722Widespread RuinNormal
0729Lightforce SwordNormal
0748Anti RaigekiNormal
0770Riryoku FieldCounter
0829Gift of The Mystical ElfNormal
0831Enchanted JavelinNormal
0837Backup SoldierNormal
0856White HoleNormal
0875Magical HatsNormal
0877Magic-Arm ShieldNormal
0878Magic JammerCounter
0879Magic CylinderNormal
0896Anti-Magic FragranceContinuous
0900Mystic ProbeNormal
0905Magic ThornContinuous
0935Blind DestructionContinuous
0953Infinite DismissalContinuous
0968Driving SnowNormal
0982Fairy BoxContinuous
0993Call of the DarkContinuous
1000Shadow SpellContinuous
1013Shadow of EyesNormal
1040Call Of The HauntedContinuous
1045Acid Trap HoleNormal
1070Spellbinding CircleContinuous