Player (The Sacred Cards and Reshef of Destruction)

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Game Boy Advance
Player (The Sacred Cards and Reshef of Destruction)

The player character is the main character in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards and Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction. At the beginning of each game, the player is prompted to choose a name for their character.


The Sacred Cards[edit]

Yugi Muto and Joey Wheeler arrived at the player's house the day of the Battle City tournament and the three made their way to Clock Tower Square for the commencement of the tournament. Shortly before it began, Joey declared the three friends to be rivals from that point and asked them not to lose until the finals.

The player challenged, Yugi, Rex Raptor, Bonz, Weevil Underwood, Mako Tsunami and Mai Valentine to Duels, but all of them declined and asked him to wait until the tournament had started. Once each of them had been challenged, the tournament began.

In the alley leading to the graveyard, the player defeated one of Bonz's followers, before being able to Duel Bonz and win his Locator Card.

In another alley, the player defeated one of Espa Roba's brothers in a Duel. His opponent then called upon one of his brothers to Duel the player in revenge. After defeating the second brother, Espa Roba was called to Duel the player. Espa claimed to have psychic powers and offered the player a chance to run or face him in a Duel with a Locator Card on the line, as punishment for picking on his brothers. The player proceeded to win the Duel.

After Bonz was driven out of the graveyard by the Ghouls, the player confronted one of the Ghouls, Rare Hunter at the graveyard and defeated him. Bonz thanked him afterwards and returned the graveyard.

The player won another Locator Card in a Duel against Rex Raptor.

Before being allowed to Duel Weevil Underwood, the player needed to defeat each of his followers. Weevil watched those Duels to learn the player's strategies, but the player still managed to defeat him and win another Locator Card.

After defeating a generic Duelist at the Clock Tower Square, the player was informed of a rumor about the card shop, where it was said that if someone went in alone with a rare card, they would not come back out.

The player went to the card shop, where he was greeted by Arkana, who brought him to the basement chamber for a special Duel. After the player entered the stage in the center of the room, Arkana suddenly had both Duelists' feet shackled in place, so that they could have a Duel where the loser's feet would be cut off. The player won the Duel, but saved Arkana from becoming dismembered. Marik Ishtar then took control of Arkanas' mind, using the Millennium Rod. Through Arkana, Marik said that the player had become a hindrance to his plan and warned him that he would not be getting away with it.

At the toy shop, the player met Marik in person. Although Marik used the disguise "Namu" and pretended to be a weak Duelist, who had just befriended Joey.

The player met Joey in the arcade at the building. Seeing the player's progress prompted Joey to get back to Dueling.

The player went to the bridge underpass, where he witnessed Kaiba beating a generic Duelist and was asked to pass on the message that Kaiba would accept a challenge from Yugi at any time.

Strings challenged the player to a Duel. After the player won, Marik communicated with him through Strings and hinted that the player's friends may be in danger.

At the aquarium, the player defeated Joey in a Duel with no Locator Cards on the line, before being allowed to face Mako Tsunami in a Duel, where the player won his next Locator Card.

At the toy shop, the player was notified that Joey and Tea Gardner had been taken captive by the Ghouls, who asked the player and Yugi to hand over their Decks and quit the tournament if they valued their friends lives. Yugi and the player then split up to find their friends.

The player told Tristan what happened and Dueled a number of Ghouls while searching for leads. He later met Tristan again the toy shop. Tristan had met with Mai Valentine, who came up with the idea of asking Seto Kaiba to use the transponder on Joey's Duel Disk to locate him. The player and Yugi then went to the KaibaCorp headquarters, where Roland was not authorized to give them Kaiba's location, but suggested they ask Mokuba Kaiba instead.

The player and Yugi found Mokuba at the building, where he was being kidnapped by Lumis and Umbra. After they defeated Lumis and Umbra, Marik took control of Lumis' body, using the Millennium Rod, and told them had used the Rod's brainwashing power on Joey and Tea. Mokuba was freed, but said not to expect a thank you. Yugi informed Mokuba of their plan to get Kaiba to help locate Joey. Although Mokuba was not happy with the idea of helping Yugi, he wanted to see the Ghouls punished, so he told the player and Yugi that they could find Kaiba at the art museum. Kaiba did not care to help Joey, but strongly disliked the Ghouls and hoped to sanction them, so he ran the scan and told the player and Yugi that Joey was at Area F, Sector 5362, which was the vicinity of the pier.

At the pier, Yugi and the player were confronted by Bandit Keith and a group of Ghouls. The player defeated Keith, while Yugi defeated the other Ghouls. The two then moved forward and found Joey and Tea, brainwashed by Marik. Joey demanded that Yugi face him in a Duel, where the loser would be dragged to the bottom of the ocean. And threatened to have Tea swallow a capsule of poison, should he refuse. Yugi lost and was dragged into the water, but the player dived in and saved him. Joey then challenged the player to a Duel, but was defeated. Marik threatened to dispose of Joey, but Yugi was able to return Joey to his old self by reminding him of the promise he made to meet him and the player in the finals.

Ishizu Ishtar met the player at the art museum and told him of Duel Monsters ancient Egyptian origins. She then Dueled the player to test if he had a true power. After the player won, Ishizu said that he may be the one to put an end to her brother's mad scheme. She showed the player a tablet depicting the three Egyptian Gods and told him of the power said to be bestowed upon the person who collects their three cards. She then introduced Seto Kaiba, as the final test to see who was worthy of bearing entrusted with "Obelisk the Tormentor" to defeat Marik. Ishizu congratulated the player when he won and gave him the "Obelisk" card.

At the stadium site, the player met up with the other finalists and boarded the airship for the next stage of the tournament. After the bingo pairings, they watched Yami Yugi defeat Yami Bakura in the first quarterfinal.

The player was matched with Odion, who was posing as Marik Ishtar in the next quarterfinal.

Reshef of Destruction[edit]


In each game, the player begins with an Initial Deck and can customize it with cards that they collect throughout the game.