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Default male and female appearances of the player
Default male and female appearances of the player
  • Male
  • Female
Video game debutYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus
Appears in
Nintendo DSYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus
Player (WC11)

This article describes the playable character and main protagonist in the video game, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus. The player choses the name and gender of the character, controls their actions and contents of their Deck.


The player can wear any of the following clothing and customize its color:

Male Female
Cowboy style Cowgirl style
Leather top and bottom
King replica model Witch's dress
Waiter tuxedo Waitress dress
Team 5D's crew
Wild style Race queen
Suit style Career suit
Delta Eagle Bloody Kiss
Stuffed collar uniform Sailor uniform
Dark Magician Dark Magician Girl
Emperor's robe The Enforcers
Dark Signer
Duel Academia uniform
Tag Force set


Chapter 1 - The Beginning - The Frontier Lands, Crash Town[edit]

The story starts in the deserted city of Crash Town. The player has a dream of becoming the best Duelist, but they are awakened by Klaus, telling them that their dream won't be real and then Klaus goes to work on the mines. The player later faces West and Nico in Duels. After winning, the player then finds Toru, who has been spending his time on making a Duel Runner. After that, Nico and West tell the player to participate on a Rental Deck Tournament organized by a card shop in the town.

The Rental Deck Tournament is a tournament whose players must use pre-made Decks. There was a competitor that had to participate but didn't show up, as the player took his place. The first Duel for the Player is against West. After defeating him, the player faces Nico, and in the final match, the player faces the girl from the Card Shop that organized the Tournament. After defeating her and winning the Tournament, the player receives a card as a prize. After ending the Tournament, the player finds Bronson, the guy who didn't show up for the tournament and asked the player where the Card Shop is. After the player tells Bronson that the tournament has already ended, Bronson is enraged and decides to Duel the player. After the Duel, the player tells them that they won the Tournament and Bronson thinks that if the player won, then he himself could have won instead.

The Player returns to their house. There, he finds Klaus, who informs them that they will go shopping at Satellite the next day.

Chapter 2 - The Encounter - Team Satisfaction[edit]

The next day, the player and Klaus are leaving Crash Town, but they are stopped by Toru, who asks the player to buy some parts for his Duel Runner. When Klaus and the player arrive Satellite, they separate to do what they have to. The player first finds a girl who asks the Player to find Crow Hogan, which the player agrees to. When they find Crow, he thinks that the player was trying to kidnap the girl Crow has been taking care of, and Duels the Player. After the Duel, the girl reveals that the player was helping her and Crow apologizes.

After that, the player continues their way to buy the Duel Runner parts, and finds Gordon, who guides the player to a Duel Runner store. There, the player buys what Toru needs. Later, after walking on the streets of Satellite, Gordon manages to steal the Duel Runner parts the player just bought and the player gives chase. The player then is stopped by a guy who was covering Gordon in his escape and the player is cornered by two more guys. Suddenly, three Duelists arrive to help the player. They are known as Team Satisfaction. While Team Satisfaction takes on the guys, the player continues chasing Gordon. When the player finds him, Gordon Duels the player. After defeating him, the player gets the stolen Duel Runner parts back.

Later, he finds two of Team Satisfaction again outside the building, and they introduce themselves to the Player as Yusei Fudo and Kalin Kessler. They inform the player that the third member is Jack Atlas. The player shows Yusei the Duel Runner parts he has bought and Yusei finds out that they didn't work, because they are random pieces of junk. While Kalin decides to take on the guy who sold the player the junk parts, Yusei decided to help the player get the Duel Runner parts they need. After that, the player decides to thank Jack for helping. After finding him, Jack said he didn't need to be grateful and instead Duels the player. After the Duel, Kalin finds both of them and also Duels the player. Later, Yusei gives the recommended Duel Runner parts to the player and challenges them to a Duel. After that, Yusei gives the player a card and the player goes back with Klaus to go back to Crash Town.

Chapter 3 - The Turning Point - Just Me and My Duel Runner[edit]

After they came back to Crash Town, the player goes to Toru's house to give him the Duel Runner parts Yusei gave him and tells the story about what happened in Satellite. Later, the player goes to West's hideout and tells him and Nico the story about the trip. Toru appears and tells them that his Duel Runner is completed and that he will test drive it. Later, Toru asks the Player to test the Duel Runner. The next day, Toru tells the player that he is going to New Domino City, and the Player tells Klaus that he also wants to go there, but Klaus says that the player would just waste his time there.

The next day, Nico appeared to be lost and West asks the player to help him find her. At the outside of the Town, Klaus appears and says that the war between the Malcolm Family and Radley's Group is getting serious. The player starts finding Nico, with the fight between Malcolm and Radley over the Town. The player first meets Virgil, a member of Radley's Group, and Duels him. After defeating Virgil, the player continues their search for Nico, but is stopped by Jemma, a member of Malcolm's Family, and Duels him. After defeating Jemma, the player finds Nico in the hideout. Nico tells the player that a stranger was yelling at her all the time and because of that, she went to hide herself. The player and Nico return home, but they are stopped by Scotch, another member of Radley's Group, who Duels the player. After defeating Scotch, the player returns to their house with Nico. There, West is waiting for his sister with Klaus. Klaus asks Nico and West to stay with him and the player during the night.

The next day, Klaus tells the player that he left Nico and West in their house safely and challenges the player. After the player wins, Klaus reveals to him that under the player's bed, there are stairs, and reveals that there is a place where the player's father's Duel Runner is kept. Klaus tells the player that his/her father died with his/her mother in an accident while riding that same Duel Runner. That's why Klaus didn't want the player to become a Turbo Duelist. Klaus also reveals that Toru's parents died in the same accident too. Klaus tells the player that now they, with Nico and West, can escape from the war between Radley and Malcolm and go to New Domino City. However, Nico and West refuse to do that because of their father, who is working at the mines. Klaus and the player travel to New Domino City.

Chapter 4 - Completion - New Friends, New Partnerships[edit]

Klaus and the player arrive at New Domino City. There, the player meets Misaki, who already knew the player's name. Misaki challenges the player to a Duel. After winning, the player receives a card from Misaki and is guided to a place where the player finds Toru. The player tells Toru all the story about what happened in Crash Town. Toru introduces Misaki as a Turbo Duelist, and tells the player the idea of a Riding Team, three Turbo Duelists (the player, Toru and Misaki). Toru and Misaki notice that the player's Duel Runner needs to be fixed and recommends the Player to ask in Bootleg.

The player arrives at Bootleg, and the owner challenges the player to solve Duel Puzzles, if the Player solves three of them, the owner will help him/her. After solving the puzzles, the owner gives him/her information about Duel Runners and tells the player to meet Blister. Blister then gives a CPU to the player. He then tells the player to try looking at the Underground Duel arena. While looking for Duel Runner parts there, Figaro tells the player that he/she can take anything he/she find. The player then finds an engine for the Duel Runner. After that, the player runs into Misaki, who tells the player that she saw a frame for the Duel Runner in the scrapyard. However, the gate is locked. When the player reaches there, he/she sees Blister and Bolt Tanner opening the gate. The frame belongs to Bolt, and he does not plan to give it to the player. Misaki suggests a Tag-Team Duel. After defeating Bolt and Blister with Misaki, he gives the frame to the player. The next day, the Duel Runner is finished, and the team decides to test drive it on the highway. Toru challenges the player to a Turbo Duel.

After the Duel ends, Primo sees the Grand Design appearing. Lester and Jakob say he must have imagined the event. Back at the highway, Breo challenges the player to a race for using his place, despite it being a public road. He leaves after being beaten by the player. However, their Duel Runners are broken. Crow just happens to meet the player and Toru. As an offer to repay the player, he brings Yusei to fix their Duel Runner. Back at Toru's garage, the player has a short reunion with Yusei, who says that he will fix their Duel Runner tomorrow. After Yusei and Crow leave, Klaus rushes in and shows a letter from Nico to the player. The letter reads only "HELP". The player's Duel Runner is still working, so he/she returns to Crash Town first.

Chapter 5 - Going Home - Memories Long Past and a Hand of Hope[edit]

Back at Crash Town, the player finds West and Nico at their hideout. The kids' father, Sergio, is working under Malcolm, and he never returned home. West mentions he met Kalin not long ago in Crash Town, but he never saw him since then. The player decides to pay Malcolm a visit to ask about the kids' father. At Malcolm's house, the player Duels with Seluga in order to meet Malcolm. Malcolm is impressed with the player's skills and Duel the player. After winning, Malcolm suggests that the player Duel under him. When asked about Sergio, Malcolm says he will answer the player if the player win tomorrow's Duel.

The next day, the player duels against Kalin, who is working under Radley. After defeating Kalin, Yusei rushes out from the flower shop, telling them it does not matter who is the winner. The most important thing is to escape from the town. He requested help from Barbara. However, she reveals that she is in fact working with Malcolm, and has no intention of helping them. Upon hearing that Lawton is returning, Radley leaves. Yusei, Kalin, and the player are captured and sent to work in the mine. While there, they meet Sergio. Yusei finds a path that leads outside, and the group decides to escape from the mine. While escaping, Sergio saves Kalin, and falls into the abyss of the mines.

The trio meets Toru and Misaki after escaping from the mine. They inform the trio that Malcolm and Radley are at war. The trio return to town and encounter Malcolm's henchmen. Yusei decides to Duel him, while the player and Kalin look for West and Nico. However, they encounter Radley. The player Duels with Radley while Kalin looks for the kids. After the Duel, the player meets up with Kalin, who just defeated Malcolm in a Duel. Malcolm leaves, but they meet Lawton, who plans to take control of the town. Kalin and the player team up against Lawton in a Duel (Lawton starts with 10 cards in his hand). After defeating him, Lawton calls for his men. However, Crow and Jack manage to defeat his men. Lawton tries to escape, but is stopped by Toru and Misaki. With the help of Trudge and Mina, peace is restored. The town is free, and is renamed Satisfaction Town. Kalin decides to stay with West and Nico.

Chapter 6 - Changes - Preparing for the Tournament and a Looming Shadow[edit]

The player, Toru and Misaki decide to take part in the WRGP. After deciding on a team name, they start maintenance on their Duel Runners. They find the same tools left behind by Yusei, and ask the player to return the tools. After returning the tools at Yusei's garage, Trudge and Mina pay Yusei a visit, and informing the group about a mysterious Turbo Duelist Ghost. After they leave, Yusei introduces the player to Bruno, who just entered the room. After returning to Toru's garage, the team decide to test run their Duel Runner on the highway. However, the player encounters Ghost, and is forced to Duel him. After winning, Ghost leaves the highway. Toru and Misaki warn the player to be careful.

Back at the garage, Crow introduces the team to Akiza, a beginner Turbo Duelist. They decide to have a practice Turbo Duel. The player first Duels with Akiza. After winning, the player Duels with Crow while Toru Duels with Akiza. After the Duel practice, they have a race. While racing, a mysterious Turbo Duelist appears and tells the player that he/she has to evolve his/her Synchro Summon in order to defeat the Meklords before leaving.

A few days later, Klaus complains about Toru's Duel Runner being noisy at night. The player goes to find Toru to find out what is going on. However, Toru's Duel Runner is stolen. The player goes to find Yusei to find out if he knows anything. When he reached there, he/she learn that Jack has his Duel Runner stolen too. After talking to Trudge and Mina, Jack runs off to find the thief. Trudge and Mina inform the player that recently, there are many Duel Runner parts in Satellite being sold at very low prices. The player goes to Satellite to investigate. He/she goes to the shop that sold him/her fake parts years ago, and finds the shop keeper selling many Duel Runner parts cheaply. The player Duels him for information. After the Duel, he reveals that he bought the parts from Syd. At the port, the player overhears two of Syd's henchmen, Ida and Kameno talking about selling Jack's Duel Runner. Upon being discovered, the player Duels the two henchmen with Jack, who has just arrived. Syd arrives after the Tag Duel, and stops the player by Dueling with him while Jack Duels with his henchmen. Syd tries to escape after the losing the Duel, but is thwarted and taken away by Mina and Trudge. They help to send Toru's and Jack's Duel Runners back to their garage.

At the garage, Akiza arrives for Turbo Duel practice. Misaki, however, is busy with her new Duel Runner program. Akiza mentions Bruno, who is always with Yusei. Misaki asks the player to bring Bruno to her so that she can ask him for help. After arriving at Yusei's garage, Bruno leaves for Toru's garage after listening to the player. Yusei goes to find Akiza for neglecting her when working with Bruno. As the player leaves, Leo and Luna enter the room looking for Yusei and meet the player. Leo challenges the player to a Duel. After the Duel, the player leaves the room, and sees Jack entering. Jack informs the player that Bruno has completed the program for the player's team.

The next day, the team decide to test the new program at the combat lane. However, Jack shows up and forces the player to duel with him. After defeating him, it is revealed that the Jack is actually a robot. The real Jack later appears, looking for the impostor. Somewhere else, Primo, Lester and Jakob see the Grand Design appear.

Final Chapter - To the Future - State of the WRGP and the World[edit]

The WRGP finally begins. In the first match against Team Unicorn, Breo defeats Toru by causing him to Deck out. Misaki defeats Breo, but is defeated by Andre. The player then Duels with Andre, and eventually Jean, and win the first round. The next day, the team goes against Team Catastrophe. Toru defeats the first duelist, Hans. Hermann, the second Duelist, causes Toru to crash his Duel Runner. The player takes over for Toru, and defeats Hermann and the last Duelist, Nicolas. Nicolas, however, tries to crash the player's Duel Runner, but he ends up crashing instead due to Primo's interference.

The next day, Yusei congratulates the team on winning the first two rounds. He informs the player that Crow is practicing on the highway, and the player goes to practice with him. While riding on the highway, the player is transported into a desert with a large stone tablet is in front of him/her. After hearing a voice, he/she is given a blank card. Elsewhere, the Three Emperors of Yliaster are discussing why the tablet appeared to the player and gave him/her a card.

The next day, Toru and the player are training when suddenly the city is invaded by many Ghosts. Misaki, sensing this, transforms into the mysterious Turbo Duelist from before and drives off. The player is being chased by a group of Ghosts, who activates the Battle Royal mode. After escaping from the group of Ghosts, the player meets Primo. Primo challenges the player to a Duel after combining with his Duel Runner. Elsewhere, the Diablos are chasing Yusei, Jack, Akiza, Crow, and Toru. After Primo is defeated, Jakob and Lester appear to the player, Yusei and Jack, and explain their intention of changing the future by destroying New Domino City, with Misaki watching nearby. They also tell them to keep winning in the WRGP.

Back at the garage, the group finds out that the history had been altered. A new team, Team New World, is participating in the WRGP. With Toru and Crow injured, Yusei, Jack and the player form a new team to participate in the WRGP. During the day of the WRGP, the team is up against Team Sherry, a team with only two members. After Yusei is defeated by Elsworth, the player takes over for him and defeats both Elsworth and Sherry LeBlanc. The next day, the team faces off against Team Ragnarok. Dragan manages to defeat both Yusei and Jack. The player, however, defeats Dragan, and eventually Broder and Harald, thus defeating Team Ragnarok.

Toru, Misaki, and Team 5D's cheering the player on.

The next day, the final round of the WRGP against Team New World begins. Primo defeats both Yusei and Jack with ease. When it is the player's turn, the blank card turns into three Synchro Monsters: "Ally of Justice Decisive Armor", "Trident Dragion", and "Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier". The game then takes the player to the Deck Edit menu. After they have finished editing their Deck, it will return to the WRGP. After the player defeats Primo, Lester leaves the pit and take over for him. After the player defeats Lester, Jakob will challenge them. Before the Duel starts, a picture of Toru, Misaki, Akiza, Leo, Luna and Crow cheering for the player appears on the top screen. After the player wins against Jakob, Jakob and the player disappear.

The player reappears with Lester and Primo inside the room inside the Divine Temple in which Z-one is seen in in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime. The Nobles argue about whether or not the Gods of fate intended for Team New World to lose. Jakob then tells the player to carve the future with his/her hands. The player reappears in the pits and the cards the player was given before fighting Primo turn blank again. Then, after discussing the future with Yusei and Jack, Team 5D's do a victory lap.

The game skips forward a few days and the player's WRGP team are talking about their futures. The player goes to the stadium and Misaki thanks them for being good friends, runs off, then comes back and says Yusei is waiting for them. The player goes to the pits and Toru begins dueling Crow in an exclusive final round of the WRGP. The "Blank Card" flies into the camera and moves to show the player and Misaki in the pits. Misaki turns to the player and a picture of Misaki smiling appears on the top screen. She thanks the player for saving the future - The credits roll, and the game ends.


The player's starting Decks are as follows.