Playmaker pack

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Playmaker pack
Playmaker pack
  • Playmaker pack
Set information
MediumVideo game
TypeBooster Pack
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Playmaker pack

The Playmaker pack is a Booster Pack available in Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution. It becomes available in the Card Shop after completing the My Name is Playmaker scenario in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS section of the campaign.

Each pack costs 400 DP and contains 8 cards (7 Commons and 1 Rare).


Name Rarity
"Air Cracking Storm" Common
"Akashic Magician" Rare
"Altergeist Camouflage" Common
"Altergeist Emulatelf" Common
"Altergeist Hexstia" Rare
"Altergeist Kidolga" Common
"Altergeist Kunquery" Common
"Altergeist Manifestation" Common
"Altergeist Marionetter" Rare
"Altergeist Meluseek" Rare
"Altergeist Multifaker" Rare
"Altergeist Pixiel" Common
"Altergeist Primebanshee" Rare
"Altergeist Protocol" Rare
"Altergeist Silquitous" Common
"Anesthrokket Dragon" Common
"Antialian" Common
"Auram the World Chalice Blademaster" Common
"Autorokket Dragon" Common
"Background Dragon" Common
"Backlinker" Common
"Backup Operator" Common
"Backup Secretary" Common
"Balancer Lord" Common
"Beckoned by the World Chalice" Common
"Binary Sorceress" Common
"Bitron" Common
"Bitrooper" Common
"Boot Sector Launch" Rare
"Boot Staggered" Common
"Borrel Cooling" Common
"Borrel Regenerator" Common
"Borrelguard Dragon" Common
"Borreload Dragon" Common
"Borrelsword Dragon" Rare
"Capacitor Stalker" Common
"Castle Link" Common
"Chosen by the World Chalice" Common
"Clara & Rushka, the Ventriloduo" Rare
"Cliant" Common
"Clock Spartoi" Common
"Clock Wyvern" Common
"Cluster Congester" Common
"Cracking Dragon" Common
"Crowned by the World Chalice" Common
"Crusadia Arboria" Common
"Crusadia Draco" Common
"Crusadia Equimax" Rare
"Crusadia Krawler" Rare
"Crusadia Leonis" Common
"Crusadia Magius" Rare
"Crusadia Maximus" Rare
"Crusadia Power" Common
"Crusadia Reclusia" Common
"Crusadia Regulex" Common
"Crusadia Revival" Common
"Crusadia Spatha" Common
"Crusadia Vanguard" Common
"Cybersal Cyclone" Common
"Cyberse Beacon" Common
"Cyberse Clock Dragon" Rare
"Cyberse Gadget" Common
"Cyberse Magician" Common
"Cyberse White Hat" Common
"Cyberse Witch" Common
"Cyberse Wizard" Common
"Cynet Backdoor" Common
"Cynet Fusion" Common
"Cynet Recovery" Common
"Cynet Refresh" Common
"Cynet Regression" Common
"Cynet Ritual" Common
"Cynet Storm" Common
"Cynet Universe" Common
"Dark Angel" Common
"Datacorn" Common
"Decode Talker" Rare
"Defect Compiler" Common
"Defrag Dragon" Common
"Degrade Buster" Common
"Digitron" Common
"Diplexer Chimera" Common
"Dotscaper" Common
"Draconnet" Common
"Dragonoid Generator" Common
"Dual Assembwurm" Common
"Encode Talker" Common
"Euler's Circuit" Common
"Excode Talker" Rare
"Fire Prison" Common
"Firewall Dragon" Rare
"Flame Administrator" Common
"Flame Bufferlo" Common
"Flash Charge Dragon" Rare
"Flick Clown" Common
"Galatea, the Orcust Automaton" Rare
"Garbage Collector" Common
"Gateway Dragon" Common
"Gergonne's End" Common
"Gouki Bearhug" Common
"Gouki Face Turn" Common
"Gouki Headbatt" Common
"Gouki Heel Ogre" Common
"Gouki Moonsault" Common
"Gouki Octostretch" Common
"Gouki Re-Match" Rare
"Gouki Ringtrainer" Common
"Gouki Riscorpio" Common
"Gouki Suprex" Common
"Gouki Tagpartner" Common
"Gouki The Giant Ogre" Common
"Gouki The Great Ogre" Rare
"Gouki The Master Ogre" Rare
"Gouki Thunder Ogre" Rare
"Gouki Twistcobra" Rare
"Hack Worm" Common
"Heavy Storm Duster" Rare
"Hibernation Dragon" Rare
"Honeybot" Common
"Ib the World Chalice Priestess" Rare
"Imduk the World Chalice Dragon" Common
"Inspector Boarder" Common
"Interrupt Resistor" Common
"Jack Wyvern" Common
"Knightmare Cerberus" Rare
"Knightmare Corruptor Iblee" Rare
"Knightmare Goblin" Rare
"Knightmare Gryphon" Common
"Knightmare Mermaid" Common
"Knightmare Phoenix" Rare
"Knightmare Unicorn" Rare
"Krawler Axon" Common
"Krawler Dendrite" Common
"Krawler Glial" Common
"Krawler Ranvier" Common
"Krawler Receptor" Common
"Krawler Spine" Common
"LANphorhynchus" Common
"Lady Debug" Common
"Launcher Commander" Common
"Lee the World Chalice Fairy" Common
"Leotron" Common
"Limit Code" Common
"Link Bound" Common
"Link Bumper" Common
"Link Devotee" Common
"Link Disciple" Common
"Link Hole" Common
"Link Infra-Flier" Common
"Link Restart" Common
"Link Spider" Rare
"Link Streamer" Common
"Link Turret" Common
"Linkbelt Wall Dragon" Common
"Linkslayer" Common
"Linkuriboh" Rare
"Lockout Gardna" Common
"Longirsu, the Orcust Orchestrator" Rare
"Magnarokket Dragon" Common
"Mekk-Knight Avram" Common
"Mekk-Knight Blue Sky" Rare
"Mekk-Knight Green Horizon" Common
"Mekk-Knight Indigo Eclipse" Common
"Mekk-Knight Orange Sunset" Common
"Mekk-Knight Purple Nightfall" Rare
"Mekk-Knight Red Moon" Common
"Mekk-Knight Spectrum Supreme" Rare
"Mekk-Knight Yellow Star" Common
"Mekk-Knight of the Morning Star" Common
"Metalrokket Dragon" Common
"Miniborrel Dragon" Common
"Nagel's Protection" Common
"Ningirsu the World Chalice Warrior" Rare
"One-Time Passcode" Common
"Orcust Brass Bombard" Common
"Orcust Cymbal Skeleton" Common
"Orcust Harp Horror" Common
"Orcustrated Attack" Common
"Orcustrated Babel" Common
"Orcustrated Core" Common
"Orcustrated Einsatz" Common
"Orcustrated Return" Rare
"Orcustrion" Rare
"Packet Link" Common
"Paladin of Storm Dragon" Common
"Parallel Port Armor" Common
"Pentestag" Common
"Personal Spoofing" Common
"Powercode Talker" Common
"Prompthorn" Common
"Protron" Common
"Proxy Dragon" Common
"Pulse Mines" Common
"Quick Launch" Rare
"RAM Clouder" Common
"ROM Cloudia" Common
"Recoded Alive" Common
"Recovery Sorcerer" Common
"Red Reboot" Rare
"Remote Rebirth" Common
"Restoration Point Guard" Common
"Revendread Evolution" Common
"Revendread Executor" Common
"Revendread Origin" Common
"Revendread Slayer" Common
"Rise of the Salamangreat" Common
"SIMM Tablir" Common
"Salamangreat Emerald Eagle" Common
"Salamangreat Falco" Common
"Salamangreat Foxy" Common
"Salamangreat Gift" Common
"Salamangreat Heatleo" Rare
"Salamangreat Jack Jaguar" Common
"Salamangreat Meer" Common
"Salamangreat Sanctuary" Common
"Salvagent Driver" Common
"Saryuja Skull Dread" Rare
"Sea Archiver" Common
"Secure Gardna" Common
"Security Block" Common
"Segmental Dragon" Common
"Shelrokket Dragon" Common
"Shield Handler" Common
"Showdown of the Secret Sense Scroll Techniques" Common
"Sniffer Dragon" Common
"Space Insulator" Common
"Squib Draw" Common
"Stack Reviver" Common
"Storm Cipher" Common
"Striping Partner" Common
"Subterror Behemoth Fiendess" Rare
"Texchanger" Common
"Three Strikes Barrier" Common
"Three Trolling Trolls" Common
"Tindangle Acute Cerberus" Common
"Tindangle Angel" Common
"Tindangle Base Gardna" Common
"Tindangle Delaunay" Common
"Tindangle Hound" Common
"Tindangle Intruder" Common
"Tindangle Protector" Common
"Tindangle Trinity" Common
"Topologic Bomber Dragon" Rare
"Topologic Gumblar Dragon" Rare
"Topologic Trisbaena" Rare
"Traffic Ghost" Common
"Transcode Talker" Common
"Tri-Gate Wizard" Rare
"Trickstar Bella Madonna" Rare
"Trickstar Black Catbat" Common
"Trickstar Bloom" Common
"Trickstar Bouquet" Common
"Trickstar Candina" Rare
"Trickstar Delfiendium" Common
"Trickstar Holly Angel" Rare
"Trickstar Light Arena" Common
"Trickstar Light Stage" Rare
"Trickstar Lilybell" Common
"Trickstar Lycoris" Rare
"Trickstar Mandrake" Common
"Trickstar Narkissus" Common
"Trickstar Nightshade" Common
"Trickstar Reincarnation" Rare
"Trickstar Rhodode" Rare
"Triggering Wurm" Common
"Triple Burst Dragon" Rare
"Twin Triangle Dragon" Rare
"Underclock Taker" Common
"Vector Scare Archfiend" Common
"Vendread Anima" Common
"Vendread Battlelord" Common
"Vendread Charge" Common
"Vendread Chimera" Rare
"Vendread Core" Common
"Vendread Daybreak" Common
"Vendread Houndhorde" Common
"Vendread Nightmare" Common
"Vendread Nights" Common
"Vendread Reorigin" Common
"Vendread Reunion" Common
"Vendread Revenants" Common
"Vendread Revolution" Common
"Vendread Striges" Common
"Vorticular Drumgon" Common
"Widget Kid" Common
"Will of the Salamangreat" Common
"World Chalice Guardragon" Rare
"World Legacy - "World Armor"" Common
"World Legacy - "World Chalice"" Rare
"World Legacy - "World Crown"" Common
"World Legacy - "World Lance"" Common
"World Legacy - "World Shield"" Common
"World Legacy - "World Wand"" Common
"World Legacy Awakens" Common
"World Legacy Clash" Common
"World Legacy Discovery" Common
"World Legacy Key" Common
"World Legacy Landmark" Common
"World Legacy Pawns" Common
"World Legacy Scars" Common
"World Legacy Struggle" Common
"World Legacy Succession" Common
"World Legacy Survivor" Common
"World Legacy Trap Globe" Common
"World Legacy Whispers" Common
"World Legacy in Shadow" Common
"World Legacy's Corruption" Common
"World Legacy's Heart" Common
"World Legacy's Memory" Common
"World Legacy's Mind Meld" Common
"World Legacy's Nightmare" Common
"World Legacy's Secret" Common
"World Legacy's Sorrow" Common
"X-Krawler Neurogos" Common
"X-Krawler Qualiark" Rare
"X-Krawler Synaphysis" Common
"Zero Extra Link" Common