Poison Mummy (Tag Force 1)

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Poison Mummy
Poizun Mamī
Attribute EARTH
Type Zombie / Effect
Level 4
ATK / DEF 1000 / 1800
Rarity Common
Internal number 5413
Password 43716289

FLIP: Inflict 500 points of Direct Damage to your opponent's Life Points.

Obtained by

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Other languages

Name Lore
French Momie Venimeuse FLIP: Inflige 500 points de dommages aux Life Points de votre adversaire.
German Giftige Mumie FLIPP: Füge den Life Points deines Gegners 500 Punkte Schaden zu.
Italian Mummia Infetta SCOPRI: Infliggi 500 punti di danno ai Life Points del tuo avversario.
Spanish Momia Venenosa VOLTEO: Ocasiona 500 Puntos de Daño Directo a los Life Points de tu adversario.