Three Musketeers of Face Cards

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Three Musketeers of Face Cards
"King's Knight", "Jack's Knight" and "Queen's Knight"
  • ふださんじゅう
  • 絵札の三銃士 (base)
  • えふだのさんじゅうし (ruby)
  • Efuda no Sanjūshi (romanized)
  • Cartes des Figures des Trois Mousquetaires
  • Musketier
  • Tre Moschettieri delle Figure
  • Cartas de las Figuras de los Tres Mosqueteros
Anime appearances
Manga appearances

The Three Musketeers of Face Cards (ふださんじゅう Efuda no Sanjūshi)[1][2], sometimes called The Three Royal Knights in official merchandise[3], are a series of LIGHT Warrior monsters used by Yugi Muto and Roku in the anime and manga. While initially they had very few cards, they received further support in King's Court.

The three main members are "Queen's Knight", "King's Knight", and "Jack's Knight". There are two monsters can be Summoned through a combination of the three: "Arcana Knight Joker" and "Royal Straight Slasher".



Each Musketeer has the motif of a face card from a deck of standard playing card, with "King's", "Queen's" and "Jack's Knight", representing one of the three faces in the deck.

Musketeer Playing card
King's Knight King
Queen's Knight Queen
Jack's Knight Jack

Additionally, there is an extra Effect Monster which is related to the Three Musketeers and is based on the Joker: "Joker's Knight".


Each of the Three Musketeers has an evolved form, combined with the other two. These monsters all share similar naming patterns starting with "Arcana", a reference to the card medium, and ending with "Joker", a reference to the Joker. Each evolution also involves using the Three Musketeers as materials for a different Summoning mechanic to Summon the evolution. In addition, there is another Effect Monster combined form of the three, which is not based on any Musketeer in particular: "Royal Straight Slasher". This card is Summoned using the Spell Card "Royal Straight". Both are named after the poker hand Royal straight flush.

Monster Base Musketeer Card type Summoning mechanic Playing card
Royal Straight Slasher All Three Musketeers Effect Nomi
Special Summon with "Royal Straight"
Royal straight flush
Arcana Extra Joker King's Knight Link Link Summon Joker
Arcana Triumph Joker Queen's Knight Effect Its own Special Summon
Arcana Knight Joker Jack's Knight Fusion Fusion Summon

Playing style[edit]

The main purpose of this series is to swarm the field using the effect of "King's Knight", which can only be activated if "Queen's Knight" is on the field, and is used to Special Summon "Jack's Knight". They can be used as Tribute fodder, or can be Fused, Tributed or used as Link Materials to Summon the ultimate monsters: "Arcana Knight Joker", "Arcana Triumph Joker" and "Arcana Extra Joker", respectively. Also, since "King" and "Queen's Knight" are Level 4 monsters, they can easily be used as Xyz Materials for most Xyz Monsters.



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