Polymerization (Tag Force 1)

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Artwork 1
Artwork 2
Card type Spell
Property Normal
Rarity Ultra Rare
Internal number 4837
Password 24094653

Send Fusion Material Monsters that are listed by a Fusion Monster Card from your hand or your side of the field to the Graveyard, and Special Summon the Fusion Monster from your Fusion Deck.

Obtained by

"Polymerization" is available in the following packs:

The second artwork for this card can be made available by talking to Sartyr in the third part of the story mode.

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Deck Recipes

"Polymerization" is in the following Decks:

Character Deck Level Qty
Aite Halloween Corpse 3 3
Bawnji Zombie Resurrection 3 3
Ms. Dorothy D.D.G. 1 3
The Gambler Gamble 7 1
Giry Almighty Queen 3 3
Chumley Huffington Wrath of Nature 3 3
Chumley Huffington Animal Mayhem 4 3
Chumley Huffington Beast Tamer 5 3
Chumley Huffington Satsuma Dimension Style 6 3
Chumley Huffington Stir of Nature 9 2
Joshua Samurai Spirit 3 2
Kura Steel Beauty 3 3
Loggy Mysterious Masquerade 3 3
Nathan Spatiotemporal War 3 3
Paradox Brothers ・ Para Wandering Gatekeeper 5 2
Chazz Princeton The Weak and Strong 6 1
Chazz Princeton Persistent Pester 5 2
Chazz Princeton Awakening of the Beasts 9 2
Jagger Princeton Rolling in Money 7 2
Slade Princeton Colossal Power 7 2
Alexis Rhodes Raising the Curtains 4 2
Alexis Rhodes Star of the Silver Screen 5 2
Alexis Rhodes Roundelay 6 2
Alexis Rhodes Beauty is Strength 7 1
Alexis Rhodes Exquisite Performers 5 2
Alexis Rhodes Queen of the Academy 9 2
Shannon World of Insects 3 3
Taku Roaring Nights 3 3
Terence Fare Play 3 3
Syrus Truesdale Heart of Gold 3 3
Syrus Truesdale Flying Discus 4 3
Syrus Truesdale Together 5 3
Zane Truesdale Ultimate Mecha-Dragon 6 2
Zane Truesdale Supreme Mecha-Dragon 7 1
Zane Truesdale New Mecha-Dragon 8 1
Zane Truesdale Final Fusion 9 1
Zane Truesdale Emperor's Accomplice 5 2
Truly Raging Water 4 2
Tryston Clown Brigade 3 3
Wade Spellcaster's Savaki 8 2
Jaden Yuki New Hero Summon 5 3
Jaden Yuki Ultimate Hero 6 3
Jaden Yuki Comradery 7 3
Jaden Yuki Power of Slifer Red 8 3

Other languages

Name Lore
French Polymérisation Envoyez de votre main ou de votre Terrain au Cimetière les Monstres Matériel de Fusion qui sont listés sur une Carte Monstre de Fusion et faites l'Invocation Spéciale du Monstre de Fusion de votre Fusion Deck.
German Polymerisation Lege Fusionsmaterialmonster, welche auf einer Fusionsmonsterkarte aufgeführt sind, von deiner Hand oder deiner Spielfeldseite auf den Friedhof und beschwöre als Spezialbeschwörung das Fusionsmonster von deinem Fusionsdeck.
Italian Polimerizzazione Manda i Mostri-Materiale da Fusione indicati da una Carta Mostro Fusione dal tuo Terreno o dalla tua mano al Cimitero, ed Evoca tramite Evocazione Speciale il Mostro Fusione dal tuo Fusion Deck.
Spanish Polimerización Manda Monstruos Material de Fusión listados en una Carta de Monstruo de Fusión de tu mano o de tu Campo al Cementerio, e Invoca mediante una Invocación Especial el Monstruo de Fusión de tu Deck de Fusión.


Artwork 1

Artwork 2