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Portuguese is a print of cards in Portuguese language, distributed in Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean. Portuguese cards have the region tag "P" or "PT" in their set numbers.

Cards were not printed in this language for several years between Cybernetic Revolution and Cosmo Blazer; cards printed before the hiatus used European Portuguese and were printed in Portugal, while those following it use Brazilian Portuguese and are printed in Brazil. For this reason, Portuguese versions of OTS Tournament Packs since the 7th are larger than in the other languages, to accomodate a handful of cards that were released during the gap and lack any PT print, and need one due to newly-released support.


At least 353 sets have been printed in Portuguese.

 Portuguese namePrefixRelease date
Starter Deck: YugiDeck Inicial do YugiDIY-P1 March 2002
Starter Deck: KaibaDeck Inicial do KaibaDIK-P1 March 2002
Starter Deck: Yugi EvolutionDeck Inicial do Yugi EvoluçãoSYE-PT1 March 2004
Ancient SanctuarySantuário AntigoAST-PT1 June 2004
Legend of Blue Eyes White DragonA Lenda do Dragão Branco de Olhos AzuisLDB-PJune 2004
Metal RaidersPredadores MetálicosPMT-PJune 2004
Movie PackMovie PackMOV-PT3 September 2004
Soul of the DuelistAlma do DuelistaSOD-PT1 October 2004
Rise of DestinyAscenção do DestinoRDS-PT1 December 2004
Structure Deck: Dragon's RoarDeck Estrutura: Rugído do DragãoSD1-PT1 February 2005
Structure Deck: Zombie MadnessDeck Estrutura: Insanidade ZumbiSD2-PT1 February 2005
Dark Revelation Volume 1Revelação Negra Volume 1DR1-PT1 March 2005
Flaming EternityEternidade FlamejanteFET-PT1 March 2005
Structure Deck: Blaze of DestructionDeck Estrutura: Chama da DestruiçãoSD3-PT1 May 2005
Structure Deck: Fury from the DeepDeck Estrutura: Fúria das ProfundezasSD4-PT1 May 2005
The Lost MillenniumO Milênio PerdidoTLM-PT1 June 2005
Cybernetic RevolutionRevolução CibernéticaCRV-PT1 August 2005
Duelist League 15 participation cardsLiga dos Duelistas 15DL15-PT15 December 2012
Cosmo Blazer Sneak Peek Participation CardExplosão Cósmica Sneak PeekCBLZ-PTSP19 January 2013
Cosmo BlazerExplosão CósmicaCBLZ-PT25 January 2013
Onslaught of the Fire Kings Structure DeckInvestida dos Reis de Fogo Deck EstruturalSDOK-PT8 February 2013
Star Pack 2013Pacote Estelar 2013SP13-PT22 February 2013
Cosmo Blazer: Special EditionExplosão Cósmica: Edição EspecialCBLZ-PTSE21 March 2013
Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of StarsArsenal Oculto 7: Cavaleiro das EstrelasHA07-PT26 April 2013
Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy Sneak Peek Participation CardSenhor da Galáxia Táquion Sneak PeekLTGY-PTSP11 May 2013
Lord of the Tachyon GalaxySenhor da Galáxia TáquionLTGY-PT25 May 2013
Super Starter: V for VictorySuper Deck Inicial: V de VitóriaYS13-PT14 June 2013
Super Starter Power-Up PackSuper Deck Inicial: V de Vitória Pacote de MelhoriaYS13-PTV14 June 2013
Battle Pack 2: War of the GiantsPacote de Batalha 2: Guerra dos GigantesBP02-PT28 June 2013
Duelist League 16 participation cardsLiga dos Duelistas 16DL16-PT1 July 2013
Number HuntersCaçadores de NúmerosNUMH-PT12 July 2013
Judgment of the Light Sneak Peek Participation CardO Julgamento da Luz Sneak PeekJOTL-PTSP3 August 2013
Judgment of the LightO Julgamento da LuzJOTL-PT9 August 2013
2013 Collectible Tins Wave 1Lata Colecionável 2013 Onda 1CT10-PT30 August 2013
Astral Pack ThreePacote Astral TrêsAP03-PTSeptember 2013
Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon Structure DeckSaga do Dragão Branco de Olhos Azuis Deck EstruturalSDBE-PT13 September 2013
Judgment of the Light: Deluxe EditionO Julgamento da Luz: Edição de LuxoJOTL-PTDE27 September 2013
Legendary Collection 4: Joey's WorldColeção Lendária 4: O Mundo de JoeyLC04-PT11 October 2013
Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World Mega PackMega-Pacote da Coleção Lendária 4: O Mundo de JoeyLCJW-PT11 October 2013
Shadow SpectersEspectros das SombrasSHSP-PT8 November 2013
2013 Collectible Tins Wave 2Lata Colecionável 2013 Onda 2CT10-PT22 November 2013
Starter Deck: Yugi ReloadedDeck Inicial - Yugi ReloadedYSYR-PT6 December 2013
Starter Deck: Kaiba ReloadedDeck Inicial - Kaiba ReloadedYSKR-PT6 December 2013
Shadow Specters: Special EditionEspectros das Sombras Edição EspecialSHSP-PTSE13 December 2013
Duelist League 17 participation cardsLiga dos Duelistas 17DL17-PT13 December 2013
War of the Giants ReinforcementsGuerra dos Gigantes ReforçosWGRT-PT17 January 2014
Legacy of the ValiantO Legado do DestemidoLVAL-PT24 January 2014
Astral Pack FourPacote Astral QuatroAP04-PT1 February 2014
Cyber Dragon Revolution Structure DeckRevolução do Dragão Cibernético Deck EstruturalSDCR-PT7 February 2014
Star Pack 2014Pacote Estelar 2014SP14-PT21 February 2014
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