Power of the Tributed

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Power of the Tributed

When you successfully Tribute Summon "The Winged Dragon of Ra," its ATK becomes the sum of the ATK of the Tributed monsters, and its DEF becomes the sum of the DEF of the Tributed monsters.


YamiMarik-DULI-Portrait.png Yami Marik
Lifetime Mission August 15, 2018 onward
Reduce your opponent's LP to 0 by inflicting battle damage with The Winged Dragon of Ra in a Duel against Mai Valentine using Yami Marik.
YamiMarik-DULI-Portrait.png Yami Marik
Unleash the Egyptian God Card! Yami Marik Returns #2 April 23, 2018 to April 26, 2018
Event Reward

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