Prediction Princess

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Prediction Princess
Aura Sentia with "Prediction Princess Tarotrei", "Prediction Princess Petalelf" and "Prediction Princess Astromorrigan".
  • せんじゅつ
  • 占術姫 (base)
  • せんじゅつき (ruby)
  • Senjutsuki (romanized)
  • Princesse de la Prédiction
  • Wahrsageprinzessin
  • Principessa Premonitrice
  • 점술공주
  • Jeomsulgongju (romanized)
  • Princesa da Premonição
  • Princesa de la Predicción
Anime appearances
Manga appearances

"Prediction Princess" (せんじゅつ Senjutsuki) is an archetype of Fairy monsters that debuted in Collectors Pack: Duelist of Destiny Version. They were used by Aura Sentia in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime.


"Prediction Princess" monsters are fortune-telling themed monsters based on different female mythological creatures as well as divination techniques.

Prediction Princess Origin Technique
Arrowsylph Sylph Belomancy
Astromorrigan Morrígan Ouija/Astrology
Coinorma Gnome Numismatomancy
Crystaldine Undine Crystallomancy
Petalelf Elf Anthomancy
Tarotrei N/A Tarot card reading

Playing style[edit]

All non-Ritual "Prediction Princess" monsters are Flip monsters, who focus on controlling the field with their Flip effects. They also possess several searching effects to aid Ritual Summoning "Prediction Princess Tarotrei" with ease, who can further support the Flip effects of the "Prediction Princess" monsters. "Prediction Princess Tarotrei" can activate your Flip effects during your opponent's turn, and flip your monsters face down so you can flip them face up again.

Recommended cards[edit]


Despite this archetype's unorthodox "bait-and-switch"-like tactics, "Prediction Princess" have many weaknesses. "Royal Command" completely stops any and all Flip monster effects, slowing the Deck down considerably. Cards like "Dark Simorgh", "Searchlightman", "Light of Intervention" prevent "Prediction Princess" monsters from being Set or flipped face-down in the first place. "Jurrac Velphito" is also a danger to "Prediction Princess" monsters because it destroys face-down monsters immediately without them ever flipping face-up. Other cards which prevent battle position changes, whether of the "Prediction Princess" player's monsters or the opponent's can halt most, though often not all, of the "Prediction Princess" player's moves.