Premature Burial (World Championship 2004)

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WC2004 / WC2005 / WC2006

Premature Burial
Hayasugita Maisō
Card type Spell
Property Equip
Number 0857
Internal number 4966

Pay 800 Life Points. Select 1 Monster Card from your Graveyard, Special Summon it on the field in face-up Attack Position, and equip it with this card. When this card is destroyed, the monster is also destroyed.

Status Limited


Set Rarity
Jinzo packRare
Yami Yugi 1 packRare
Green Millennium Puzzle pack Common
Eye of Wdjat pack Common

Characters' Decks

The following characters use "Premature Burial" in their Deck.

Character Deck Qty
Arkana Tributes 3
Yami Bakura Destiny Board 1
Bonz Traps 1
Duel Computer Mirrored Deck 2
Marik Ishtar Darkness 2
Seto Kaiba Blue Eyes' Evolution 2
Bandit Keith Machines 2
Yugi Muto Basic 1
Odion Trap Wave 1
Maximillion Pegasus Toonized 1
Simon Exodia III 1
Strings High DEF 2
Trusdale Exodia 1
Umbra & Lumis Masquerade 3
Weevil Underwood Insects 1
Mai Valentine Harpie 2
Joey Wheeler High ATK 2
Yami Yugi Almighty 1