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President Drone
President Drone
  • President Drone
NicknamesDoll (by the Goha Siblings)
RōmajiShachō Dorōn
  • Career
OrganizationGoha Enterprises
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 0022: "The Man Who Possesses a Demon"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Hajime Shacho
Drone, President

The President Drone (しゃちょうドローン Shachō Dorōn), also called Doll (ドール Dōru) by the Goha Siblings, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime and an antagonist during the first and second seasons. It assists the Goha President in running Goha Enterprises, as it has done with many past presidents of the company. It was created to help the substitute Goha President while the Goha Siblings were in space.



Full view of the President Drone.

The President Drone is a helmet with a design reminiscent of a samurai helmet, with the Goha Enterprises logo emblazoned on the helmet's forehead and mouthpiece, hexagonal eyepieces, and silver horns in half-hexagonal shapes; these are later shown to be able to combine into a hexagonal shape. It can freely hover as any other Goha Enterprises Drone would.

The eyepieces' color varies depending on who is in control: they are red while the Drone is managing tasks and talking on the wearer's behalf, and turn blue while the wearer is acting and speaking freely.[1]


The President Drone's personality is ambiguous, as it claims to assist the current Goha President but also exhibits some level of control over them and freely chose Mimi Imimi to be the next Goha President under its own spontaneous judgment, claiming that she had presidential qualities.[2] It is responsible for the President's signature chuckle. Although the President Drone can act in conjunction with its host, it ultimately seems to have its own agenda and will act upon it by force if needed by taking control of whoever is wearing it if the host is not complaint to its wishes.[1] It has proved to be very manipulative, as it has no qualms about taking control of Mimi in order to win her Duel with Roa Kassidy, though it affords her the courtesy of privacy in the bathroom.


The President Drone is a highly intelligent drone capable of autonomy and acting on its own accord. It has the ability to float like all Goha Enterprises Drones. The President Drone can also regulate how much control it has over its host, either by turning off its signature laughter, or going as far as completely controlling its user's body and mind, although this control can be dispelled through external influence, such as the shockwaves created during a Duel. A person under such control is left dizzy and under mental exhaustion after awakening.[1] It later shows itself to be capable of altering much of its form into a transforming black sludge-like substance of unknown composition to form wings for Yuga Goha.[3]



The role of being Goha Enterprises's president proved to be one that had considerable psychological effects on humans. The President Drone was intended to assist them, while also aiding in concealing their identity.[2]

The President Drone was present with the Goha Siblings when Yuga Goha tried to spread chaos with "Monster Reborn". Yuga defeated Yuro, Yujin, Yuka and Yuran, but Yuo was able to seal his memories with "Monster Reborn". Afterwards, Yuo took Yuga's Duel Disk, which had turned black, and stored it in the President Drone. The trauma of the Duels caused the Goha Siblings to repress their memories of the event, forgetting that Yuga was their sibling.[3]

Asana Mutsuba requested that the Goha President remanufacture the components of the Heavy Cavalry numerous times after Goha Enterprises absorbed Mutsuba Heavy Machinery, and the President Drone, through the President, eventually agreed to do so if Asana could crush Rush Dueling.[4]

Goha 6th Elementary[edit]

As with many before them, the stress of running Goha Enterprises caused the current Goha President to collapse in his office.[2] He was found by Mimi Imimi, a recently-demoted Top of the Hexagon, when she came to his office to complain about being demoted.[5] The President Drone revealed itself to the terrified Mimi, explaining its function and offering the role of president to her. Mimi accepted the role, putting the President Drone on and falling under its influence. Later, they were visited by Goha's secretary, who informed them that Yuga Ohdo and his friends had been successfully transferred to Goha 6th Elementary.[2] Asana Mutsuba reported to the President Drone and Mimi the next school day, stating that Yuga and his friends were now under her surveillance, but the President Drone called her naïve for thinking that she could crush Rush Dueling through that alone and warned her that this would not fulfill their contract. After Asana hung up, Mimi asked the President Drone what its plans were, but the Drone simply chuckled.[6]

Yuga and Asana had a second Rush Duel, this time to determine if Rush Dueling would be banned at all elementary schools in Goha City. During the Duel, Mimi learned of the deal that had been offered to Asana and the President Drone confirmed it had been responsible for the deal. Though the President Drone chuckled at the thought of one Duelist losing something precious no matter the outcome, Yuga not only won the Duel and preserved Rush Dueling again, but convinced the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club to accept modifications to their Heavy Cavalry. As a result, the President Drone decided that this was a bad situation for the company and they would have to take immediate action.[4]

Team Battle Royal[edit]

The President Drone and Mimi attended a meeting with various Goha Enterprises executives, but the only results of the meeting proved to be the firing of Princess G after she claimed to love Rush Dueling.[7] An executive brought them a business proposal after Mimi expressed difficulty with deciding their course of action, and though Mimi was initially doubtful of the proposal, the President Drone found it amusing.[8] The proposal suggested that instead of trying to crush Rush Dueling, Goha Enterprises should claim ownership of it with a Rush Duel Tournament; the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal. As soon as the tournament started, the President Drone appeared with Mimi watching over the festivities and they conversed over the identity of the person who had suggested the tournament. Yuga and company recognized Mimi, believing she was cosplaying as Goha-kun, a mascot version of the Presidential figure, and subsequently asked her about a mysterious person robed in purple. Although she knew nothing, she asked Yuga whether it was him who sent the notebook with the Tournament idea, after remembering the other notebook she acquired, but Yuga denied being involved and by proxy learned the idea wasn't Goha's, much to Mimi's surprise.

The President Drone accompanied Mimi as she was set to give an opening speech as president, although the Drone's laughter prevented her from speaking so she requested that it turn the laughter off. As Mimi tried to set up the mood for the event, she was interrupted by Roa Kassidy, who wanted to challenge the President. Mimi was overjoyed at getting the chance of Dueling with her idol, and accepted the Duel on the condition that she got special concert tickets if she won. Roa agreed on the condition he be allowed to talk with the imprisoned Otes if he won. The Drone opposed having anybody speak with Otes as they were trying to discover his identity but nonetheless allowed the Duel on Mimi's insistence. As Mimi gained an advantage over Roa by preventing him from Tribute Summoning, the Drone gave mild praise to her strategy, stating she was prolonging the Duel unnecessarily, although Mimi stuck to this approach as she wanted to enjoy the Duel. On her next turn, she drew "Vice Jacker", and the Drone told her to summon it, but Mimi refused, thinking she could handle it well on her own, while realizing she never had said monster added to her Deck. Losing patience, the Drone took control of Mimi and Dueled in her place. Although the Drone inflicted massive damage with "Vice Jacker", the duo was ultimately defeated by Roa's "Royal Rebel's Doom Metal" causing its control over Mimi to subside.[1]

During the tournament, the President Drone and Mimi learned of the actions of Goha 66, spying on them using a Goha Enterprises Drone in Maximum Mountain; the Drone waiting outside Mimi's stall while she sought privacy in the restroom. The President Drone and Mimi attended the finals of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal the next day, the President Drone permitting Mimi to have full control during the Duels between Roa and Romin Kassidy and Gavin Sogetsu and Nail.[9] During the Duel between Nail and Gavin, the power suddenly went out in Goha Stadium, though it soon came back on.[10] Although Mimi ordered her employees to find who had sent them the business proposal, they had no success until the power began to fail again during Yuga's Duel with Luke and it was determined the Goha Duel Server was being hacked. Goha 5th Elementary's Space Operations Duel Squadron revealed that the server was on the moon, and the portion created by the installation of Rush Dueling was being destroyed by Goha Enterprises Drones.[11] As Mimi wondered who was responsible, the President Drone noted that it was likely whoever wrote them the note, and they concluded Otes was behind the hack. Yuga and Luke continued their Rush Duel despite knowing it would complete the uninstallation, with Luke eventually emerging victorious. Rush Dueling was uninstalled, but Yuga and Nail had reinstalled it during the Duel, this time containing the data in the Super Rush Robot, which would be more difficult to destroy.[12]

Goha 6 Siblings[edit]

After Luke was crowned King of Duels of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, the image of Goha Enterprises was affected due to rumors circulating they had been behind the attempt to uninstall Rush Dueling. Mimi offhandedly wondered if she could remake their image into something more popular with children, so the President Drone took her to the wardrobe and showed her the various helmets, though these failed to impress Mimi.[13]

After Mimi's workload became too much for her, the President Drone decided she was unfit for the role of Goha President. As soon as it had the Goha Siblings returned to Earth and assumed control of the company, challenging Yuga with the Super Rush Robot held hostage by Forced Gymnastics Armaments, a plan devised by Yuo Goha to take sole control over Goha Enterprises and force Yuga to become a Goha employee if he lost six times. Yuro Goha challenged Yuga to a Turbo Rush Duel and was defeated, allowing Yuo to suggest he should step down as president. As Mimi, who had been watching the Duel from the bushes at Goha 7th Elementary, protested they couldn't just do what they liked, the President Drone warned her it was no longer her place to speak. The President Drone later travelled to the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross to meet with Yuo and analyze the "Fusion" card that had hit Goha Space Elementary.[14][15] Yuo's plan succeeded in having Yujin resign as well, but Yuka defeated her first opponent, Romin. That evening, the President Drone completed its analysis of "Fusion" and informed Yuo that it was useable in Rush Duels.[16]

Yuran also defeated his first opponent, Gavin, putting the score at 2-2. Yuo confided to the President Drone that as he expected Yuran couldn't be underestimated, but voiced confidence he wouldn't lose as long as he had "Fusion".[17] A few days later the President Drone reminded Yuo of the current score and asked what he would do, and Yuo claimed he didn't need to do anything while he had "Fusion", as he would gain sole control over Goha Enterprises and he left to Rush Duel Yuga.[18] Yuo successfully defeated Yuga with his new Fusion Monster and crowed over how he would gain control over Goha at breakfast with the President Drone, Yuran and Proprietress at breakfast two days later, leading to Yuran learning of his plans. Yuga and his friends penetrated the hull of Sixross, and after Yuo dropped Luke, Romin and Gavin down a trapdoor in Yuka's baseball field, he sent the President Drone to bring Yuga to an audience with him.[15]

After Roa defeated Yuka, the President Drone and Yuo spied on Yuran convening with the deposed Goha Siblings through Proprietress, learning Yuran intended to hide to avoid the next Duel in hopes of forcing Yuo to Duel and be stripped of his position, though Yuo had acquired the sixth Goha Sibling's badge by this point as a fallback. Yuo Dueled and was defeated by The☆Lukeman, who controlled Luke's body and also used "Fusion", and fled back to Sixross, where Yuran confronted him and the President Drone and took Yuo's badge. Yuo then revealed his gambit and stripped Yuran of his position for treason, leaving him the sole Goha President.[19] The President Drone and Yuo went to the Goha 6th Quarry to find Luke, who arrogantly told Yuo he could talk to him even though he'd lost to him, much to the President Drone's anger. Yuo reassured Doll it was fine and claimed Luke to be the sixth Goha Sibling in hopes of swaying him to their side, and he succeeded in doing so. Doll and Yuo took Luke to the Goha Enterprises Main Office, where they ran into Roa, Mimi and Swirly, who had infiltrated the building. Yuo had Luke challenge Roa to a Duel, Roa eventually accepting after Yuo goaded him into the Rush Duel. Roa started strong and put up a good fight, but after he initially cowed Luke with insults, Luke was able to comeback and defeat Roa, though he didn't use "Fusion" as The☆Lukeman had.[20] Afterwards they showed Luke around Sixross, and as Luke explored Yuo's room the President Drone noted to Yuo that Luke didn't seem to possess "Fusion". Yuo suggested they just observe him, but then Luke spotted Yuo's gear-patterned wallpaper and panicked as he hated gears, his watch sending out a pulse that deactivated the President Drone. Later the President Drone accompanied Luke to his home so he could pick up his spare underwear, and expressed its incredulity that Luke was in fifth-grade but had to ask his mother where his spare underwear was. Luke's sister Haruka "Tiger" Kamijo then showed up and yelled Doll and Luke outside with the sheer force of her breath, angry over Luke betraying their family. The President Drone quickly hid in the bushes and began recording the Duel for Yuo, and after Luke was pushed into a corner by Tiger, another President Drone took control of him again, declaring himself The☆Lukeman. He defeated Tiger with "Fusion" and Yuo recovered both The☆Lukeman and Doll before departing.[21]

Once The☆Lukeman was aboard Sixross, he told the President Drone that being on Earth in this form had drained his energy and he went to sleep on Yuo's couch. The President Drone conveyed this to Yuo as he was analyzing both of their "Fusion" cards. The President Drone accompanied Yuo to Nexus to meet with Nail, commanding Seatbastian to sit after Yuo controlled the massage drone with Absolute Presidential Obedience Mode. Nail explained that the "Fusion" cards contained their own programs as opposed to his Maximum Monsters, whose programs had been added to the Rush Duel program, and Yuo decided to force him to Duel next. The President Drone accompanied Yuo, Nail and Seatbastian in Sixross to Maximum Mountain, where Nail was ordered to Duel Asana. Although Asana lacked her own Maximum, she was able to defeat Nail by supporting her ace monster with her friends' ace monsters, and Nail resigned from Goha after the Duel and left. Yuga then challenged The☆Lukeman to a final Rush Duel.[22] The President Drone and Yuo had to avoid the arrival of The☆Lukeman's "Perfect Mode" costume before he Dueled Yuga, who also dressed in costume as first "Majin Yuga" and then "The☆Yugaman". The President Drone also learned of The☆Lukeman's origins as an electronic lifeform that had created "Fusion".[23] As everyone else dressed in costume as well, the President Drone and Yuo were dragged into the scenario, unsure what was going on. Eventually Yuo had enough of the charade and screamed at The☆Lukeman to Duel properly; meteors also began falling during the Duel and the President Drone began wondering if it was the Goha Meteor Shower. The President Drone complimented The☆Lukeman's excellent counter of Yuga's "Sevens Road Magician" and believed Yuga would be unable to win the Duel after The☆Lukeman drew "Fusion" through the effect of Yuga's "1/Infinity", as Yuga didn't have his own "Fusion" to avoid the damage of his Spell. However the remains of a Goha satellite, containing a "Fusion" card, had been caught in the Goha Meteor Shower and fell towards Yuga, adding the card to his Deck after he blocked it with his Duel Disk. The President Drone was still skeptical Yuga would be able to win, but Yuga successfully defeated The☆Lukeman. After the Duel the President Drone returned to its normal appearance and joined Yuo aboard Sixross to destroy the Super Rush Robot themselves, but Sixross was crashed when the Prima Guitarna Curry Romin had left aboard it was detonated by Kaizo falling into the ship, having returned to Earth in the Goha Meteor Shower as well. Yuo was forced to free the Super Rush Robot and when Tiger implied Yuo would have to step down for his failure, the President Drone insisted that Yuo could not, as Goha Enterprises would be left without a president. Mimi claimed Swirly to be the sixth Goha Sibling, only to be proven incorrect when the badge rejected him, so Yuga suggested Yuo remain as President and reinstate his siblings, while Yuga would join Goha Enterprises as Yuo wanted.[24]

Goha Employee[edit]

The day after the other Goha Siblings were reinstated, Yuo was stopped from aiding them in cleaning up the Prima Guitarna Curry throughout Super Mobile Fortress Sixross. The President Drone was accompanying Yuo when he checked his schedule and learned he had nothing on for the day.[25] Eventually the other Goha Siblings returned to Goha Space Elementary in Sixross and Yuo commented to the President Drone on how unusual Yuga was before setting his new plan to destroy Rush Dueling in motion.[26]

The President Drone was present with Yuo in his office when the "Zombie Party" recreation time event began, though it did not accompany him to the evacuation Drone.[27] Yuo and the President Drone learned that Yuga might be the sixth of the Goha Siblings, and after they lost track of Yuga, who wasn't with his friends, Yuo ordered the President Drone to make preparations for an emergency meeting once Yuga had been found.[28] The President Drone eventually discovered that Yuga wasn't in the Goha Enterprises Main Office and had left his phone in his office, reporting its findings to Yuo.[29]

By the time Yuga returned with Luke, Romin, Gavin and Swirly that evening, the President Drone had returned to Yuo's side.[29] Yuo proposed the fusion of Rush Duels with Goha Duels, having the President Drone record the conversation, and once Yuga agreed despite the protests of his friends, Yuo ordered the President Drone to begin uploading the "New Goha Duels" Fusion Program to the Goha Duel Server. Luke leapt on the President Drone to stop it, but the President Drone was unable to complete the upload due to thousands of new Duel Monsters rules being uploaded; they were 666,666th in the queue. Yuga revealed he'd created an application, Original Duel Development, that allowed anyone to upload their own rules and which would prevent the Fusion Program from unifying them all. Yuo tried to fire Yuga for using Goha Enterprises's resources in such a manner, but the other Goha Siblings vetoed the decision, though Yuga claimed he didn't mind being fired if they told him about the "forbidden card" that could manipulate people. While the President Drone knew Yuga meant "Monster Reborn", it made no mention of the card or the Duel Card Manufacturer where it had been printed, though Luke had recently discovered the machine and told the Goha Siblings and Rush Duel Club about it after Yuran mentioned detecting activity where the machine was kept. The President Drone accompanied the Goha Siblings and the Rush Duel Club to the factory where the Duel Card Manufacturer was stored, having been repaired after apparently being buried in rubble, and watched as Proprietress used it to print a copy of "Monster Reborn". The sight of the card drove Swirly into a rage, and the President Drone automatically ejected Yuga Goha's Duel Disk and Deck for Swirly. Yuo challenged Swirly to a Duel, unintentionally releasing Yuga Goha's memories when he used "Monster Reborn" against him, and Yuga vowed revenge for being defeated against Yuo, defeating him with "Monster Reborn" and "Predator Gunleon". The President Drone accompanied Yuga after the Duel, transforming into a wing pack for him and flying him to the Nanahoshi Insect Ninja Village to meet with Nanaho Nanahoshi, Kabuto Bitou and Kirihito Kamagaya, where Yuga claimed his Dueling would bring chaos to the world.[3]


The President Drone has no Deck, and the only known card it owns is "Vice Jacker", which it slips into Mimi Imimi's Deck without her knowing.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Roa Kassidy 44 Lose (with Mimi Imimi)


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