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Prima Guitarna Curry (プリマギターナカレー Purima Gitāna Karē) is a curry rice dish in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS. It was cooked by Romin Kassidy as a failsafe in case Yuga Ohdo's audience with Yuo Goha went sour. Romin claims it has an explosive power-up in taste in comparison to her Dragias Curry. Its name comes from its pink coloration, which Romin likens to her "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar".


After Yuga Ohdo announced his intention to go to the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross to see Yuo Goha, Romin Kassidy worried over Yuga's mental state and feared Yuga and Yuo would come to blows, so she cooked her "Prima Guitarna Curry" with the hopes of soothing matters as her Dragias Curry had between her and Luke. Luke and Gavin Sogetsu feared the curry could explode as Romin's Dragias Curry had and worked to keep it safe as they moved through the spaceship, preventing it from being hit by Yuka Goha's baseball Goha Enterprises Drones and Romin saved it from spilling when they were dropped into the kitchen. She suggested she could use the ingredients in the kitchen to spice the curry up, but Gavin snatched it away from her and asked how many more ordeals "Dr. Romin" planned to put humanity through. Romin presented the Prima Guitarna Curry to Yuga and Yuo when they finally reunited with them, but Yuga's excited response to Yuo admitting he didn't know where "Fusion" had come from angered Yuo enough to have him set his army of puppets on the group. When the puppets cornered them, Luke suggested detonating the curry, though Gavin feared it could destroy Goha City.[1]

The Prima Guitarna Curry was left behind following Romin's escape from Sixross, and Yuka sampled it after returning to the ship and found it to her liking, putting the leftovers in the fridge.[1] When Kaizo returned to Earth in the Goha Meteor Shower he escaped from Yuo's iron maiden and crashed into the ship, hitting the pot of curry and detonating it, causing it to overflow and crash Sixross outside Goha City.[2]


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