Professor Frank

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Professor Frank
Professor Frank
English name
  • Professor Frank
Japanese name
  • Male
Tournament Position
Fortune Cup Did not place
Anime DeckPsychoanalysis
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episode 01414: "Bloom of the Black Rose"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
English voice
Japanese voice
  • Toshihiko Seki
Frank, Professor

Professor Frank, simply known as The Professor in the dub, is one of Goodwin's 5 Dueling Assassins placed in the Fortune Cup with the intent of exposing the Signers, as well a member of Iliaster.

In the Japanese version, Professor Frank has a catchphrase "sa", which he says 3 times. "Sa" is used in Japanese to beckon somebody. In the dub, this is replaced by a constant usage of analogy and simile, both regular and homeric.


His first match is unseen, but it is mentioned that he lost to Commander Koda on purpose, specifically so he could be in the consolation game. In the Duel, he hypnotizes Luna, then enters a trance that allows him access to the Duel Spirit dimension (specifically, the "Ancient Forest").

His mere presence appears to be able to destroy the forest. As such, the forest's guardian, Ancient Fairy Dragon, attempts to kill him to save its home; Luna ends the Duel in a DRAW to save him.

Frank vs. Luna

It was shown that he intended to be the ruler of the Spirit World by defeating Luna. He is also a bit self-centered, shown that he decided to keep the Spirit World to himself and will not share it with Goodwin and the other Iliaster members. It was also said by the professor himself that he has been spending his whole entire life looking for the Spirit World (all of that was only in the dub, however; he showed no treachery towards the other Iliaster members or desire to rule the Spirit World in the original version). He is also slightly insane as he laughed like a maniac, not noticing that Ancient Fairy Dragon tried to kill him.

Following the Duel, Professor Frank succeeds in his mission, but it is unknown as to the state of his mind. Professor Frank also spilled some information about Goodwin's goals and the Signers to Luna during the Duel.


He is capable of hypnotizing someone via his Trap Card "Light to the Depths", and even having his voice reach the Duel Monster Spirit world, much like how Leo has spoken to Luna various times despite not being there some of the times. He also was able to enter the Duel Monster Spirit world and pollute it.[1][2]


Frank plays a Psychoanalysis-themed Disruption Deck whose cards are based off various aspects of the Eponymous School of Thought as seen with the cornerstone card, "Ido the Supreme Magical Force". These cards have various effects from revealing opponent's cards to effect damage.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Commander Koda 18 Lose (off-screen)
Luna 18-19 DRAW


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  1. This card can be seen in his hand in episode 18 after he Tributes "Symmetry Rorschach".