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Program storage cards cards contained within Goha Enterprises satellites in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS.


Program storage cards are stated to be the same as Duel Monsters cards. They are incredibly strong, stronger than the satellites that contain them, possibly being intended to act as a flight recorder or black box; a program storage card contained within a satellite fell to Earth and survived re-entry unharmed, while the rest of the satellite was shattered when it crashed into Yuga Ohdo's Duel Disk.[1][2]

Many of these cards were rewritten into normal Duel Monsters cards by The☆Lukeman, "Fusion". Unlike Maximum Monsters, which were created by rewriting Duel ID cards and whose data was added to the Rush Duel program by Nail Saionji using Real-Time Rush Duel Programming, the "Fusion" cards themselves contain the program for Fusion Summoning.[1][3]


Nail Saionji destroyed Goha Enterprises's satellite network when he was three years old, and much of the debris and the program storage cards contained within them remained in space debris orbiting Earth.[1][4]

Eight years later the electronic lifeform The☆Lukeman was created. Desiring to fuse with his creator Lucidien "Luke" Kallister, The☆Lukeman converted all the program storage cards in the debris into "Fusion", a Duel Monsters Spell Card that symbolized this desire and the gears that the Kallister Gear Company manufactured.[1][5] One of these cards crashed into Goha Space Elementary and was acquired by Yuo Goha, and The☆Lukeman acquired another through unknown means.[6][7] A program card contained in space debris was caught in the Goha Meteor Shower and fell towards Goha City, where Yuga Ohdo was Rush Dueling The☆Lukeman. Yuga blocked the debris with his Duel Disk, adding the "Fusion" card within to his Deck.[2]


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