Promotion Pack 3: Part A

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Promotion Pack 3: Part A
Promotion Pack 3: Part A
Japaneseスペシャルカード エー 2013
Baseスペシャルカード A 2013
Furiganaスペシャルカード エー 2013
RōmajiSupesharu Kādo Ē Nisenjūsan
TranslatedSpecial Card A 2013
Set information
TypeBooster Pack
  • PR03-JP (jp)
Number of cards10
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • February 15, 2013

Promotion Pack 3: Part A

Promotion Pack 3: Part A is a supplementary pack of cards given to buyers, who spent ¥600 or more on Konami Yu-Gi-Oh! products. The set is split into two parts: each pack from Part A contains 1 card from the Jump Festa 2013 - Special Card Pack A, while each pack from Part B contains 1 card from Jump Festa 2013 - Special Card Pack B; each pack from both parts also contains 5 original cards.


This set includes 10 cards and 1 card per pack. This is comprised of:



Promotion Pack 3: Part A
Unlimited Edition galleries
Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
PR03-JP001"Reactan, Dragon Ruler of Pebbles"せいりゅう-リアクタン」CommonEffect Monster
PR03-JP002"Stream, Dragon Ruler of Droplets"すいせいりゅう-ストリーム」CommonEffect Monster
PR03-JP003"Duck Fighter"「ダックファイター」CommonEffect Monster
PR03-JP004"Interplanetarypurplythorny Beast"かいきょくじゅうCommonEffect Monster
PR03-JP005"Token (Rio)"「トークン」CommonToken
PR03-JP006"White Dragon Wyverburster"びゃくりゅう ワイバースター」CommonEffect Monster
PR03-JP007"Kidmodo Dragon"「コドモドラゴン」CommonEffect Monster
PR03-JP008"Fishborg Archer"「フィッシュボーグ-アーチャー」CommonEffect Tuner monster
PR03-JP009"Vulcan the Divine"じゅうしんヴァルカン」CommonEffect Synchro Monster
PR03-JP010"Secret Sanctuary of the Spellcasters"ほうぞくせいいきCommonContinuous Spell