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  • Proprietress
  • Female
  • Career
OrganizationGoha Enterprises
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 05252: "Battle Royal Finale"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Mari Kawano

The Proprietress (女将おかみ Okami) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. She is a drone who works for the Goha Siblings, and owner of the Goha 6 Michelin Drone Restaurant.



Full-body view of the Proprietress.

The Proprietress is a brown, spherical Goha Enterprises Drone with a blue screen that serves as her face. Her face contains rectangular eyes, with glasses under them, along with eye lashes. She also sport a purple tuft of curly hair and wears a cylindrical beige kimono with a bright-red obi.

She often alters her holographic faces to suit the situation. For her and Yuran's Kendo Rush Duel with Gavin Sogetsu and Rino, he projects a kendo helmet over her normal face. To fit in with The Lukeman's fantasy, her glasses becomes star shaped instead of rectangular and she wears star-tipped antennae.


The Proprietress acts like a grandmother for the Goha Siblings, mainly Yuran Goha. She can be seen reminding him that he needs to eat his breakfast. She is brashand confident in Yuran's skills, often speaking for him in a Duel until he is ready to counterattack.


Team Battle Royal[edit]

After the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, Proprietress and the Goha Siblings returned to Earth.[1]

Goha 6 Siblings[edit]

When they arrived back at Earth, Proprietress and the Goha Siblings learned of Rush Dueling, a Dueling format that had been installed in defiance of the Goha Enterprises and whose program was contained within the Super Rush Robot on the moon. Yuo came up with a plan to destroy the robot by affixing Forced Gymnastics Armaments to it that would force it to continuously move, but in the interests of fairness the Goha Siblings would challenge the format's creator, Yuga Ohdo, and his friends to Rush Duels to give them a chance to deactivate the armaments. After they activated the armaments, Goha Space Elementary was struck by space debris, forcing the Goha Siblings to return to Earth.[2]

The Goha Siblings returned to Goha City, introducing themselves to the citizens and ousting current presidential substitute Mimi Imimi. They challenged Yuga and his friends, warning Yuga that he would become a Goha employee if he lost and Yuro Dueled first, challenging Yuga to a Turbo Rush Duel. Yuro was defeated by Yuga, and Yuo called a presidential meeting. To Proprietress's surprise, Yuo suggested Yuro step down for his failure, and Yuro accepted responsibility for his loss and resigned, enrolling at Goha #7 Elementary.[2][3]

The following day Yujin was training on a treadmill, determined to avenge his brother's loss, while Proprietress urged Yuran to eat, telling him that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. Yujin ended up running so fast he destroyed the treadmill and ran out of the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross. The next day Yujin went to Goha #7 Elementary to Rush Duel Yuga, now calling himself a man of the sea. As Yuga couldn't swim in the artificial sea Nail Saionji had provided for Yujin, Yujin Rush Dueled Luke instead and was defeated. After Yujin resigned, Proprietress asked if Yuran would Duel next, but Yuka volunteered to Duel instead.[3] Proprietress and Yuo watched Yuka's Rush Duel with Romin Kassidy from Super Mobile Fortress Sixross, surprised that the Rush Duel Club had been at the tryouts, and Yuo explained to them that Yuka had bought the Goha Astro Monsters because she believed every president should own a baseball team. Yuka was able to defeat Romin, and Proprietress celebrated their team finally getting a point as Yuran quietly agreed.[4]

With Yuran up next to Rush Duel, and aware that Gavin Sogetsu was substituting for his school's Kendo Club that weekend, Proprietress and Yuran went to the Goha Martial Arts Stadium to wait for the Rush Duel Club. When Yuran arrived he challenged all the tournament participants to a kendo match and struck them all down in an instant, then had their beaten bodies left outside. Gavin, Rayne and Rino, Yuga, Luke, Romin, Kaizo, Shinken Tsurugi and Kotetsuki Mendo arrived to find only Proprietress and Yuran there. The Proprietress brushed Kaizo aside after he tried to ask Yuran what was happening and proudly declared they would all bear witness to Yuran, necessitating Yuran to tell her off for being too loud. With the challenge of a Kendo Rush Duel announced, Gavin stepped up to accept, claiming that only his Sogetsu Style could match Yuran in such a Duel, and he had Rino square off against the Proprietress for the kendo segment of the Duel, with Nail refereeing. For most of the Duel Yuran played passively, making his moves at the suggestion of the Proprietress while analyzing how Gavin spoke and acted. During the Duel Swirls arrived with Ryu Nito, one of the kendo players Yuran had cut down, and Yuran told Proprietress that he had finished obtaining his information and took over the Duel completely to prepare his counterattack. As Gavin had inflicted severe damage to Yuran with "Kimeruler the Dark Raider", Yuran countered by destroying "Kimeruler" and Tribute Setting "Millennium Shield" with the intention of baiting Gavin into switching it into Attack Position, allowing Yuran to counterattack with "Sword & Shield". Gavin brought out "Kimeluna the Dark Shifter" on his next turn and claimed he'd seen through Yuran's strategy, briefly throwing Yuran off, but Gavin instead prevented Yuran from using Traps on his LP and from destroying his monsters, allowing Yuran to successfully spring his counterattack after Gavin used the effect of "Kimeluna" to change "Millennium Shield" into Attack Position. Proprietress explained to everyone that this was how Yuran Dueled as he defeated Gavin decisively, Proprietress simultaneously disarming Rino, giving the Goha Siblings two points. Proprietress and Yuran left afterwards, Proprietress congratulating Yuran.[5]

Proprietress, Yuran, Yuka, and Yuo watched footage of Yuran's Duel, Yuo admitting he was surprised Yuran had won. Yuka accused Yuo of being disappointed they'd won and left with Proprietress and Yuran.[6] After Yuo defeated Yuga with his new "Fusion" Spell Card, he gloated over his victory at breakfast the following day and his claim that he was at the top of Goha Enterprises alerted Proprietress and Yuran to Yuo's true motives; he was using the Duels with Yuga and his friends to get rid of his siblings and seize power for himself as the sole Goha President. The ship was then struck by Yuga's Road as Yuro returned to the ship, and while Yuo went to intercept Yuga, Luke, Romin and Gavin, Proprietress and Yuran found Yuro. Yuran deduced Yuro was trying to determine the goals of both Yuo and Yuga and reassured him he was still their elder brother, informing Yuro that Yuo's "Fusion" card had been in the debris that struck Goha Space Elementary. After Yuro helped Yuga and his friends escape Sixross, Yuka returned and Proprietress and Yuran noticed her sampling Romin's Prima Guitarna Curry.[7]

Proprietress and Yuran informed Yuka of Yuo's plan, though the Goha Siblings still continued their challenge against Yuga and his friends and Yuka Dueled again, this time Dueling Romin's cousin Roa Kassidy. During the Duel Yuka injured her shoulder, and Proprietress realized in worry Yuka had been pitching too often in Earth's gravity after Yuo expressed little concern for his sister. Yuka yelled to Yuo that the Goha Siblings were the six of them together, vowing to win the match, but she was defeated by Roa and stripped of her position, leaving Yuran the last remaining president alongside Yuuo.[8]

Realizing the danger Yuo posed, Yuran called a meeting with his other siblings at Goha #7 Elementary, and Proprietress accompanied him, but she had been hacked by Yuo and forced to rely the conversation. Although Yuran suggested allying with Yuga rather than continuing to Duel him, Yuro and Yujin both refused as they believed Yuo to be their problem to solve. Yuka warned Yuran he would be Dueling next and that Yuo would expect him to be defeated, so Yuran decided to disappear when it was time to Duel. Yuran's plan worked; Yuo was forced to Duel instead, and he was defeated by Luke, wearing a draconian helmet and calling himself "The Lukeman" who also used "Fusion". After Yuo retreated to Sixross, Yuran confronted him and stripped him of his badge for losing, reminding him he wouldn't have been able to claim power without the sixth sibling's badge. He attempted to reinstate Yuro, Yuka and Yujin, but to Yuo revealed he had the sixth Goha Sibling's badge, retaining the right to be Goha President, and he took Yuran's badge for conspiring with former presidents, revealing his hacking of Proprietress before dropping Yuran down a trapdoor while keeping Proprietress.[9]

Proprietress escaped from Sixross and fled to Yuga's Road Laboratory, crashing into the ground and begging Yuga to fix her. She thanked Yuga after he succeeded, but to her shock Luke appeared on a holoscreen and claimed to be the sixth Goha Sibling, something Proprietress angrily called him a hooligan for. Luke Rush Dueled Roa, who had snuck into the Goha Enterprises Main Office, and defeated him.[10] Yuran was freed after Luke defeated Roa and he reconvened with Proprietress, Yuro, Yujin, and Yuka at the Road Laboratory, where they asked for Yuga's help in stopping Yuo, Proprietress reminding the Goha Siblings they could trust Yuga given he'd fixed her. Fortunately the Rush Duel Club agreed they at least needed to stop Luke, whose sister "Tiger" confirmed wasn't a Goha Sibling.[11]

Yuga came to Proprietress and the other Goha Siblings and explained that he believed The Lukeman, who had appeared again and been taken away by Yuo, to be an electronic lifeform created from Luke's The Lukeman that had created the "Fusion" cards from Program storage cards in the Goha satellites that Nail had destroyed as a child. As Yuga believed The Lukeman simply desired to fuse with Luke and fight evil as they had in the manga, he tasked Proprietress, the Goha Siblings and Mimi with helping him achieve that goal by preparing costumes for a scenario where Yuga would pretend to be part of the Majin Empire from Luke's manga before revealing himself as an ally to The Lukeman, The☆Yugaman, and during which his friends could do so as well, while the Goha Siblings would play the part of the aggressors to continue a Rush Duel between Yuga and The Lukeman so the Super Rush Robot could still be saved. They did as he asked, arriving during the Rush Duel between "Majin Yuga" and The Lukeman to explain Yuga's plan to the Rush Duel Club and Heavy Cavalry Duel Club. Propietress provided the costumes for everyone during the Duel, including The Lukeman's Perfect Mode, Majin Yuga, The☆Yugaman, and the Goha Alien costumes the Goha Siblings wore.[12] Proprietress and the Goha Siblings held "The☆Beauty Romin" hostage to keep The Lukeman from abandoning the Rush Duel once Yuga convinced him they were allies. After Yuga destroyed The Lukeman's "Hyperstrike Dragon Dragiastar F" with "Ultimate Flag Mech Ace Breaker", The Lukeman returned three Spells from his Graveyard to his Deck and increased their LP, prompting Yuo to throw off his costume in a rage and ask if they were Dueling seriously. The Lukeman's real plan had been to return "Fusion" to his Deck and draw it again, and he Fusion Summoned "Full Moon Dragon Umbralancer F", reviving "Dragiastar F" and almost defeating Yuga. Yuga revived "Sevens Road Magician" on his next turn, but The Lukeman returned the monsters in Yuga's Graveyard to his Deck to prevent him using the effect of "Sevens Road", forcing Yuga to gamble with "1/Infinity", which would damage him enough to lose if he and The Lukeman didn't draw the same card. Unfortunately The Lukeman drew "Fusion" again, which Yuga didn't have, but then a meteor entered the atmosphere and plunged towards Yuga, and Yuga blocked it with his Duel Disk. Proprietress and the Goha Siblings realized it had been one of the satellites containing "Fusion" and were proven correct when Yuga drew it, Fusion Summoning "Sevens Paladin the Magical Knight", which could gain ATK for monsters in both Graveyards, and defeated The Lukeman.[13]

Despite The Lukeman's loss, Yuo refused to accept the result and tried to destroy the Super Rush Robot with Sixross, but Yuga's modified Goha Enterprises Drone Kaizo returned to Earth as well and crashed into Sixross, detonating the Prima Guitarna Curry that Romin had left on the ship and crashing it, forcing Yuo to release the Super Rush Robot. After The Lukeman released Luke and left for outer space, Mimi suggested Swirls could replace Yuo as he was the sixth Goha Sibling, but the sixth sibling's badge rejected him, so Yuga suggested Yuo remain president, but reinstate Yuran and his other siblings, while Yuga joined Goha Enterprises as they had initially asked him to if he lost six times.[13]

Goha Employee[edit]

The following day was Yuo's birthday, so Yuran and his siblings planned to throw a surprise party for him using the costumes they'd prepared for Yuga's Rush Duel with The Lukeman. As they still had to clean the Prima Guitarna Curry out of Super Mobile Fortress Sixross, they told Yuo they would handle the cleanup and ensured his schedule was free, while tasking Romin and Gavin with planting the idea of a surprise party in Yuo's head to make him open to the idea. When Gavin and Romin returned to Sixross, they swapped costumes so Gavin was the hostage in need of rescue and when Yuo returned Yuran and his siblings began putting on the play. Yuo almost left until Proprietress confirmed this was a birthday surprise to him and they all wished him a happy birthday, and Yuo joined them in their play. Afterwards they had a birthday dinner for Yuo.[14]

Afterwards, Proprietress returned to Goha Space Elementary in Sixross with Yuran, Yuro, Yujin and Yuka while allowing Yuo to remain at the Goha Enterprises Main Office to directly lead Goha Enterprises.[15] Proprietress, Yuran, Yuro, Yujin and Yuka later learned that Yuga was apparently the sixth of the Goha Siblings.[16]


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