Protective Seal

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Protective Seal
"Swords of Revealing Light"
  • ふう
  • 護封 (base)
  • ごふう (ruby)
  • Gofū (romanized)
  • 護封
  • Hùfēng (pinyin)
  • 봉인
  • Bong-in (romanized)
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"Protective Seal" (ふう Gofū) is a series of cards whose effects manipulate monsters' battle positions or prevent monsters from attacking. The series consists almost entirely of Spell cards with only one Trap Card and only one Monster Card.

Their English names are inconsistent, but most contain the phrase "X of Y Light".


Card Shielding effect Original name
Array of Revealing Light Prevent monsters of a Type declared upon activation from attacking on the turn they are Normal, Flip, or Special Summoned Protective Seal Array of Light
Spiritual Swords of Revealing Light Negate each opposing monster's attack once per turn by paying 1000 LP; can banish itself from the Graveyard during the opponent's turn to prevent them from attacking directly on that same turn Protective Seal Spiritual Swords of Light
Swords of Burning Light Prevent opposing monsters from attacking; remains on the Field as long as its controller has no monsters on their field and the opponent has less than 5 cards in their hand Protective Seal Swords of Flame
Swords of Concealing Light Flip all face-up opposing monsters into face-down Defense Position upon activation and prevent all opposing monsters from changing their Battle Positions; remains on the field until its controller's 2nd Standby Phase Protective Seal Swords of Darkness
Swords of Revealing Light Flip all face-down opposing monsters face-up upon activation and prevent them from attacking; remains on the field until the opponent's 3rd End Phase Protective Seal Swords of Light
Swordsman of Revealing Light Special Summons from the hand to defend against a direct attack and destroys the attacking monster if its ATK is lower than this monster's DEF, and if used as an Xyz Material, prevents the Xyz Monster from being destroyed by battle once per turn. Swordsman of the Protective Seal Swords
Wall of Revealing Light Prevent any opposing monsters with ATK less than or equal to the amount of LP paid upon activation from attacking Protective Seal Wall of Light