Psychic Musician

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Psychic Musician
Romin Kirishima plays a rocking beat alongside "Prima Guitarna" and "Esperaid".
Romin Kirishima plays a rocking beat alongside "Prima Guitarna" and "Esperaid".
Anime appearances
Manga appearances

"Psychic Musician" is a series of Psychic monsters which debuted in Deck Modification Pack - Hyperspeed Rush Road!! and are used by Romin Kirishima in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime and Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS Luke! Explosive Supremacy Legend!! manga.


Members of the series are themed around musical terms, with particular focus on Rock and roll and J-rock cultures.

Name Reference
Andoll Encore + Doll
Angry Rock Rock music
Amusi Cheer Amusia + Cheerleading
Amusi Performer Amusia + Performer
Back Beat Backbeat
Berryssist Berry + bassist
Catchy Boardist Catchy + Keytar
Climax Finale Finale
Dreamrummer Dream + Drummer
Ego Rhythm Rhythm
Elechic Ampoule Electricity + chic + amp + ampoule
Elengel Electric guitar + Angel
Esperaid the Smashing Superstar Guitar smash
Foldablitz of the Dream Strings Strings
Giftarist Giftedness + guitarist
Livedress Creator Costume designer + stage costume
Lullabind Lullaby + bind
Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar Prima donna + Guitar
Psi Stage Bouncer Bouncer
Psychic Introduction Opening act
Psyphickupper Psychic + pickup
Romance Pick Pick
Romance Session Music session
Romic'n'Roller Romin + mic + Rock and roll
Self Fan Club Fan club
Speedy Performer Performer
Stardom Light Star

Playing style[edit]

The theme revolves around taking advantage of low LP condition, such as by using the effects of "Esperaid the Smashing Superstar" to provide threat removal in a pinch or "Foldablitz of the Dream Strings" keeping the opponent's own LP in check. "Amusi Performer" can be used to setup the requirements of the Deck's vital cards, such as "Romance Pick"'s card recovery effect. "Berryssist" can be used to regain advantage and provide fodder for the 2-Tributes monsters if the player chose to add Level 2 Psychic Normal Monsters like "Catchy Boardist" into the Deck. "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar" and "Giftarist" strengthen the player's monsters while "Romic'n'Roller" weakens the opponent's. "Dreamrummer" can be used as both a recovery card and a disruption. "Stardom Light" can be used to bring out the Deck's 2-Tributes monsters through Special Summoning. "Climax Finale" can then be used either as a support to boost the deck's beaters' ATK and help them get over larger threats, or as a finishing blow in the late game, when the GY is filled with a good amount of Psychic monsters.

Despite being focused on keeping a lower LP, the theme also has LP recovery cards such as "Elechic Ampoule" and "Psychic Introduction" to recoup LP cost or provide quick emergency LP when needed.

Cards that cost LP to use such as "Seal of the Ancients", "Psycho Burial" and "Psychic Divergence" can be used to kickstart plays. "Chemical Cure Blue" can be used as an alternative for emergency LP alongside "Blue Medicines", with an advantage of having Type synergy and compatibility with cards such as "Romance Pick" and "Psycho Burial".

Introduced in Deck Modification Pack - Dynamic Eternal Live!! is the synergistic JAM:P theme, which utilizes cards that support "CAN:D" and having "CAN-Re:D" as the primary boss monster. There are multiple cards that utilize "CAN:D" in different locations for various effects, and "CAN-Re:D" can be used to reset the effects of key monsters like "Romance Pick" or simply to swap monsters around the field. "Maginical Miracle" can be used to revive a Level 7 Psychic monster from the GY, and "Andoll" can be used to recover discarded "Psychic Introduction" to recuperate or "Climax Finale" to push.