Pyramid of Light (item)

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Pyramid of Light
The Pyramid of Light (right) and its Stone Tablet on display at the Domino City museum.

The Pyramid of Light is an item that appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light. According to novelization of the film, it is not truly a Millennium Item and was a failed attempt by Aknadin to recreate the Millennium Puzzle for his son, Seto, to give him a power on par with Pharaoh Atem, so that he might defeat him and assume the throne. The Pyramid was co-opted by the sorcerer, Anubis, who was then defeated in battle by the Pharaoh. Undaunted, however, Anubis sealed himself within the Pyramid of Light, to await another time in which he may take his revenge.

Anubis sought to recreate his physical form by implanting a Duel Monsters card fashioned in the likeness of the Pyramid within the Deck of Maximillion Pegasus, and then reanimating his own mummified remains, taking the Pyramid, which had been kept with them in his tomb. The Pyramid of Light card then fell into the hands of Seto Kaiba, who employed it during a Duel with Yugi, using its ability to remove the Egyptian Gods from play. However, now that the Pyramid was in play, Anubis could draw on the life energies of the two combatants, steadily regenerating himself. Taking Kaiba's place in the Duel, Anubis seemed defeated when "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon" destroyed the "Pyramid of Light" card, taking the artifact itself with it, but Anubis' spirit remained within the jewel at its center, reforming as a giant monster, which "Shining Dragon" then destroyed, shattering the jewel and destroying Anubis.

It is interesting to note that while in the museum, there was a tablet next to the Pyramid of Light which depicted the Egyptian God Cards similarly to the Tablet of Lost Memories. This is probably a reference to how the card version of this item removes the God Cards from play.