Question of Truth

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Question of Truth
Question of Truth
EnglishQuestion of Truth


Game details
PlayersCurator Kanekura
LocationDomino City Museum
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! (Toei)
Chapters13: "The Man from Egypt (Part 1)"
Episodes5: "Now Revealed!! Yugi's Secret"

Question of Truth[1] was a Weighing of the Heart Shadow Game in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and Toei anime. It was conducted by Shadi to measure Curator Kanekura's crimes.


Prior events[edit]

Curator Kanekura had sponsored an excavation of a tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Shadi considered this to be defiling the tomb and trespassing on the territory of the Gods, so he traveled to Japan to put Kanekura and Professor Yoshimori on trial. He visited Kanekura first, at the Domino City Museum.

The game[edit]

Shadi placed the Feather of Ma'at in one side of the Millennium Scales and explained that he would ask Kanekura a series of questions. If Kanekura told the truth, the side containing the feather would lower. If he lied, the other side would lower with the weight of his sins, and should that side hit the table, he would receive a Penalty Game.

Kanekura believing his chair has transformed into Ammit.

Shadi asked Kanekura if he was the only one present when a young girl falls deep into a well, and he finds her golden ring at his feet, what would he do. Kanekura claimed that he would save her. The side of the scales carrying the weight of his sins lowered slightly, although Kanekura insisted that he was telling the truth and was surprised to see the scales being weighed down without anything visibly being put in them.

The next question(s) is asked off-camera, and likewise answered untruthfully. Before his final question, Kanekura asked what a Penalty Game was. In answer to this, Kanekura's chair transformed into Ammit, whom Shadi said had taken residence in Kanekura's soul room.

The last question was Kanekura's motivation for defiling the territory of the Gods: for the interest of beholding their civilization and treasure, or merely to sell their treasure to fatten his own pockets. Kanekura begged Shadi to stop, saying he would pay him anything to stop. This caused the side without the feather to hit the table. Shadi declared that there was no truth in Kanekura's soul room, only greed, and for that he would be punished. Ammit opened her mouth wider, fitting Kanekura's head inside.


Kanekura's death

For Kanekura's Penalty Game, the illusion of Ammit devoured his soul. To any onlookers, it only appeared that he died of a heart attack induced by shock.