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R0 in the abandoned workshop in the Mutsuba mine.

R0, the Mutsuba-style Mobile Duel Device, is an engine-driven machine intended to allow Solid Vision Duels in any location. It was created by Mutsuba Heavy Machinery and Goha Enterprises, but was eventually outcompeted by the more compact and modern Duel Disks.[1][2]


R0 is a large Solid Vision projector that is mounted to a long heavy machinery with both treads and four large tires for movement, and is emblazoned with both the logos of Goha Enterprises and Mutsuba Heavy Machinery. It is unclear where the Duelist is intended to interact with the machine.


R0 was created as part of a joint venture between the founders of Goha Enterprises and Mutsuba Heavy Machinery. During its creation, R0 was modified many times over an extreme period of time. Eventually however it was made redundant by the invention of Duel Disks, which proved to be far more compact and practical, and the R0 prototype was locked away in a laboratory in the Mutsuba's mine along with a cache of prototype Duel Disks and largely forgotten by the time of Asana's great-grandfather.[1] Yuga Ohdo was able to find a clue to its location while researching in Goha 6th Elementary's library and resolved to help Asana Mutsuba find it, hoping to teach her that the notion of modification was not to be shunned, and succeeded in doing so after defeating her in their second Rush Duel in the Mutsuba mine.[2]


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