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The Ra Yellow (ラー・イエロー Rā Ierō) is a dorm where the middle ranked students live for their duration at Duel Academy. Students in Ra Yellow either achieved excellent scores in their Duel Academy Entrance Exams, moved up from Slifer Red, or down from Obelisk Blue. The head of the Ra Yellow Dorm is Professor Sartyr.

In the dub of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, yellow-jacketed students are occasionally referred to as Ra Yellows.


Ra Yellow Dorm

The Ra Yellow Dorm's accommodations and catering are much better than Slifer Red's but not as upscale as Obelisk Blue's.

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A Ra Yellow Academia Disk, from the Darkness Arc.

Ra Yellow students wear a yellow jacket that extends to the waist. The jacket has a white band at the cuffs of the arms. The jacket also has a white band around the shoulders and has a snap or a button to keep the jacket closed. There is a white decorative shape with a brown border on the chest of the jacket. The collar of the jacket usually sticks straight up and is also yellow with a brown border. Another band, which matches the color of the jacket, wraps around the bottom of the jacket and has a snap or button to keep the jacket closed.

Characters in Ra Yellow[edit]