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"Trap Reactor・Y FI", "Spell Reactor・RE", "Summon Reactor・SK" and "Flying Fortress SKY FIRE" in the artwork of "Delta Reactor"
  • リアクター
  • Riakutā (romanized)
  • Réacteur
  • Reaktor
  • Respingi
  • Repeller (translated)
  • 리액터
  • Riaekteo (romanized)
  • Reator
  • Reactor
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"Reactor" (リアクター Riakutā) is an archetype of Machine monsters from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. They are used by Greiger in the anime.

The lettered suffixes of "Summon Reactor・SK", "Trap Reactor・Y FI", and "Spell Reactor・RE" spell out "SKY FIRE". Together they combine to Summon "Flying Fortress SKY FIRE". In the Japanese version, the Reactors are called "Summon Reactor・AI", "Trap Reactor・RR", and "Magic Reactor・AID". Their suffixes spell "AIRRAID", while "Flying Fortress SKY FIRE" is "Giant Bomber Airraid".

Visually, they are all based off of WWII-Style aircraft, specifically bombardment-type or fighter/bomber aircraft. They were released in the Pack, Crimson Crisis, and are solely supported by the OCG/TCG effect of "Dark Flattop".

Playing style[edit]

The effects of the "Spell Reactor" and the "Trap Reactor" monster destroy a card of the particular card type and inflict 800 damage to the opponent. "Summon Reactor" instead does 800 damage when the opponent summons and has the ability to negate one attack. While those effects give "Reactors" some nice destructive power, none of the "Reactors" negate the effects of the destroyed cards, making them only useful against Continuous Spells/Traps, Equip Spells or Field Spells. This, however, doesn't necessarily make them flawed, since this makes "Reactors" effective against decks that rely on such cards; and since newer archetypes tend to get incredible Field Spells, making the opponent think twice about playing them is certainly a way of generating pressure.

The burn damage "Reactors" can dish out is also helpful in edging the player closer to a victory, but that damage alone will not be enough to win the duel, since triggering the burn effects ten times (and therefore reaching the lethal amount of 8000) is rather unlikely. Furthermore, most of the "Reactor" monsters will not be around all the time, since they will be used for the Summon of "Flying Fortress SKY FIRE", which means that "Reactors" still need a beatdown-heavy strategy to win a game.

"Reactor" also suffers from the fact that it is a very small archetype. Aside from the three "Reactors" and "Flying Fortress SKY FIRE", the only cards specifically working with this archetype are "Dark Flattop", which potentially revives the entire archetype but is relatively hard to summon for "Reactors", and the Trap Card "Fake Explosion", which is supposed to take care of summoning the "Summon Reactor", but is very specific in its requirements. Most of the monsters also have relatively low stats for their levels, making the deck building process just that much more difficult.

On the plus side, all of the three "Reactors" are DARK Attribute, which grants access to a plethora of useful options: "Dark Armed Dragon" might be very useful in tight situations, while "The Dark Creator" can recycle the "Reactors" for swarming, effects and fighting power. "Phantom of Chaos" can find use in the deck, since it's the effect to mimic a "Reactor" helps summoning "Flying Fortress SKY FIRE". Every DARK deck has access to "Allure of Darkness", helping with the consistency issues the deck undoubtably has. For easier summoning of both "Dark Armed Dragon" and "The Dark Creator" cards like "Card Destruction", "Dark World Dealings" or "Foolish Burial" can be used; this also allows for an easier Summon of the "Summon Reactor" via revival effects such as "Monster Reborn". The DARK Warrior engine can be opted for, with "Dark Grepher" and "Armageddon Knight" filling the GY further and "Reinforcement of the Army" functioning as another consistency tool.

Since "Reactors" are also Machines, certain other cards come into mind to strategize with. "Limiter Removal" is a must in any Machine-based deck that attacks the opponent and can also be an out to your opponent's bigger monsters. "Iron Call" is another option to get a monster back from the GY, both allowing for Xyz or Link Summons as well as bringing a "Reactor" back to get to "SKY FIRE". "Black Salvo" is another DARK Machine monster, which also brings Machine monsters in the GY back to life, allowing for a number of Summoning options.; unfortunately, both "Iron Call" and "Black Salvo" cannot choose "Summon Reactor" as a target.

"Instant Fusion" allows this deck to have a few more tricks up its sleeve: By summoning "Panzer Dragon", you get an easy "Dark Flattop" if combined with "Black Salvo"; if combined with another Level 5 monster such as "Cyber Dragon" or "Summon Reactor", the choices are "Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech" or "Cyber Dragon Nova". If a very pesky monster lingers on the opponent's side of the field, just summon "Thousand-Eyes Restrict" and scoop it up with no further issue. "Reasoning" also seems to be a valid option, since the deck features the Levels 3, 4, 5 and 8; just keep in mind that showing a "Flying Fortress SKY FIRE" via "Reasoning" makes it unretrievable.

A possible solution to the Beatdown problem can be found in "Legendary Duelists: Ancient Millennium": "Heavy Metal Raiders" makes the "Reactors" sturdier in battle while giving them ATK boosts and the destruction effects can net you a number of extra monsters if used correctly. "BM-4 Blast Spider" triggers "Heavy Metal Raiders", brings another destruction effect to the party and even supports the burn damage idea. Lastly, "Desperado Barrel Dragon" further supports the aforementioned strategies with more destruction effect, bringing a solid 2800 ATK to the fight, and all the while being extremely easy to summon.

Recommended cards[edit]