Real-Time Duel Programming

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"Real-Time Duel Programming" is a process by which someone can create or modify the rules of Duel Monsters as they Duel. It appeared in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime.


Real-Time Duel Programming is a development process that involves changing how the base game of Duel Monsters is interpreted in the Duel Disk's programming by participating in a Duel. Actions made by the Duelists that differ from what is traditionally considered standard gameplay will take precedence, effectively allowing the Duelists (or, specifically, a single developer driving the game) to rewrite the rules as they play. Real-Time Duel Programming is not a feature commonly afforded to the average person and seems to be reserved only for those working within the Goha Enterprises under normal circumstances. Anyone who attempts to modify their Duel Disk without authorization receives a strike as penalty.


Real-Time Duel Programming was first witnessed when Yuga Ohdo used it to create Rush Dueling in front of the Relic. According to Yuga, this is the method that developers use when updating Duel Disks. He was forced to use this method due to a time limit imposed on him by a Goha Enterprises Drone that would have disabled his Duel Disk were he to try programming the rules in a more traditional way. Yuga's opponent for the Duel was the Hologram Man who followed the Rush Duel rules as they were created. Following the conclusion of their Duel, Rush Dueling was officially recognized by the Duel Disk system as a valid way of playing Duel Monsters.

After stealing Kaizo's data, Nail Saionji is able to view the code for Rush Duels and, through Real-Time Duel Programming, installed a new rule called Maximum Summon. He Rush Dueled five members of the Tops of the Hexagon in order to do this, defeating all of them simultaneously.

Yuga again performed Real-Time Duel Programming with Kaizo's help in his rematch with Nail. Using Nail's own Maximum Summon data against him, Yuga was able to convert three ID cards belonging to Lucidien "Luke" Kallister, Romin Kassidy, and Gavin Sogetsu into his own trio of Maximum Monsters as he was drawing them.


  • It appears that new rules programmed by Real-Time Duel Programming cannot be easily uninstalled. Despite creating and controlling the entire Duel Disk system, Goha Enterprises is unable to affect Rush Duels or stop them from being played.
  • Real-Time Duel Programming's introduction in SEVENS marks the first time in the series' history that a new official method of playing Duel Monsters was shown being created on screen as well as the first time the method by which the new rules were implemented was shown in detail.