Rebecca Hawkins (Reshef of Destruction)

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Rebecca Hawkins
Rebecca Hawkins
English name
  • Rebecca Hawkins
Japanese translatedRebecca Hopkins
Japanese name
RōmajiRebekka Hopukinsu
  • Female
Appears in
Game Boy AdvanceYu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction
Rebecca Hawkins (Reshef of Destruction)
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Rebecca Hawkins is a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction. This is a video game depiction of Rebecca Hawkins from the anime.


Rebecca appears as a side encounter, accessible right after the player begins the game. The player, Yugi, and Joey encountered her arguing with Seto Kaiba, with Rebecca challenging Kaiba to a Duel to make him pay for destroying Solomon Muto's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", which was given to him by Rebecca's grandpa as a symbol of their friendship. Kaiba initially belittled her despite her title as the United States champion, but later struck a deal that he would accept her challenge if she's able to defeat the player first. She then proceeded to challenge the player to a Duel. Regardless of the player's response, the Duel would still commence.

After she's defeated, Seto and Mokuba left her with the player, Yugi, and Joey. Rebecca was initially baffled, but later brightened up and said that she's going to put the United States' name in the world of Dueling again. Before she left, she said that she's going to train harder so that someday she'd be able to defeat Yugi, Kaiba, and finally the player.


Rebecca's Deck is composed of monsters with many different Summons and Types. Her Deck also contains a number of Level 4 or lower monsters with high ATK/DEF for that point in the game such as "Cannon Soldier" and "Witch of the Black Forest", as well as the Level 5 "Millennium Shield".

# Card Card typeSummon TypeLevel ATK DEF Qty
048 "Sangan" MonsterFiend Fiend3 1000 600 1
135 "Fiend's Hand" MonsterFiend Zombie2 600 600 1
144 "Djinn the Watcher of the Wind" MonsterWind Spellcaster3 700 900 3
239 "Vishwar Randi" MonsterDark Warrior3 900 700 2
243 "Water Element" MonsterWater Aqua3 900 700 3
338 "Mooyan Curry" Magic 1
349 "Spellbinding Circle" Magic 1
350 "Dark-Piercing Light" Magic 1
362 "Millennium Shield" MonsterDivine Warrior5 0 3000 1
368 "Shadow Ghoul" MonsterFiend Zombie5 1600 1300 1
417 "Blast Juggler" MonsterFire Machine3 800 900 3
477 "Alinsection" MonsterForest Insect3 950 700 3
505 "Prisman" MonsterEarth Rock3 800 1000 3
512 "Cannon Soldier" MonsterFiend Machine4 1400 1300 1
537 "Mega Thunderball" MonsterThunder Thunder2 750 600 3
574 "Witch of the Black Forest" MonsterDark Spellcaster4 1100 1200 1
592 "Muse-A" MonsterLight Fairy3 850 900 3
601 "Monster Reborn" Magic 1
613 "Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon" MonsterThunder Thunder7 2800 2100 1
642 "Mystical Sheep #1" MonsterDreams Beast3 1150 900 3
657 "Megamorph" Magic 1
683 "Bear Trap" Trap 1
690 "Fake Trap" Trap 1